Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Another Death in the family.

One of my cousin's wife passed away yesterday or brain hemorrhage and I went to Sitiawan, a small town on the west coast al area of the State of Perak where they were living. She was according to the note by her bad 61 years of age or 6 years younger than I am and it made me reflect about my status having lived for the past 67 years, what is it all about? My cousin her husband was devastated by the loss and when i first sat beside him on the floor where he was moaning about being lonely without her and so forth, i told of how i felt having lost my wife and not being able to be by her side when it happened and how I have for the past few years been living and accepting the loss hoping that it help him to feel not so alone. I reminded him of his children and grandchildren who will need him for so long and he is alive, telling him more or less to accept and move on. He is "The Pilot of Lumut" an entry I made in my blog a year or two ago when i followed him on board a Russian vessel "The Eagle", which he piloted out of the Lumut Harbor. 
Witnessing the process of death and dying has always moved me at my deeper levels and still having unanswered questions about who i am or where i am  at this moment in time, my belief, my faith and most of all my understanding about life itself. As i listened to the sermon read by the grave reminding the deceased of what lies ahead no that she is laid in the grave and giving her instructions on how to face the two angels who will question her as soon as everyone has left the cemetery and so forth, I asked myself the same questions. If one needs a miracle in life this is the moment  when one needs it most. If there is any mystery about death and what happens after this is the moment when truth can never be known except by those who have died. Here logic comes into confrontation with faith, fear and confusion is overcome by one's complete surrender to Allah's Will, if one is a True Muslim. My cousin's wife died while still coma or under sedation and thus by all counts she died unconsciously or did she?
Most religions have some form of guidance as to how to face the after death moments or while in transition in the grave from one state into another and Islam has a very thorough revelation on this matter. The Quran and the teachings of the Prophet of Allah has included this instructions for all Muslims. The Tibetan Book of the Dead and the Egyptian Book of the Dead provides similar instructions for their departed souls. For those who holds no belief whatsoever like the Atheist, this would not be problem as for them death is just another passing phase in life. For those who practice the belief in Incarnation or life after life evolution the matter is different from those who accept the reality of Heaven and Hell. The question is still unanswered for most of us especially now that  scientific studies are making discoveries that adds to more questions unanswered.
Whatever the case may be, death is still a dark mystery to most and likewise most of us lives in denial that death will one day put all the questions before us and it is a matter of time. The acknowledgment of the inevitability of death for me is a reality check that makes me feel like i am not altogether in charge of my own existence. That i am here on loan, to serve my time as best i can and be of service to all sentient beings around me, help to ease the burden of others and not add on to the misery that comes with ignorance. As nothing is permanent in this life, death reminds me not to be greedy or cling on to what i have, death reminds me of my own fragility and helplessness. It helps to keep my arrogance and heedlessness in check, it reminds me the true meaning of the idiom... and this too will pass.

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