Thursday, October 13, 2016

The time To Wake Up is Now.

Perhaps it is just another passing phase in the history of the Planet, but the Third World War is looming in the horizon as a whole lot of saber rattling is going on between the Western Bloc and the rest of the world with the United States taking on the leading role as the instigator. Most of the lay people of the world are living oblivious to this impending major upheaval about to be unleashed by the powers that be. There is off course not very much that we the common folks can do about what is about to happen that will change our very lives for good if we survive the holocaust of a Nuclear War. The fingers triggering the buttons to let loose the many nuclear war heads upon the impending targets are itching to test their power at who can draw faster like in the good old cowboy movies. Who has got the guts to make the first move or who can stare down the enemy through shear guts like little boys in the playground.
Why should it concern me? I am old and am approaching the end of my days sooner than most, so why should i be concern what is going to happen to this planet in the near future. I have experienced the best and the worse that this life has to offer and then some; what is there to worry or regret about? But i do, i am concerned for the well being of my children and theirs when the time comes. I am concerned for those innocent would be victims that would have to endure untold misery on account of a few pig headed war mongers and self aggrandizing so called world leaders giving vent to their anger in ignorance. Most of humanity especially those who are living day to day eking a living and barely surviving do not know or much less care for what the so called super powers are up to in their war rooms, they are simply living like there is only one thing in mind and that is to seek food and shelter and hopefully some form of peace and comfort while at it. For those who are in the know, who make the effort to understand through whatever sources available, the picture is not good for humanity.
However all is not lost yet as there are counter measures that at at work in the form of peace loving movements spreading all over the world like the Human Rights foundation, the Isha Foundation, the many spiritual and religious bodies like the Buddhist schools and Christian and Muslim peace movements transcending all the greed and hatred that has been unleashed by those hunger for power and dominion over others. Humanity is resilient when its very survival is at stake and today with the spread of the information technology which allow for a better and more transparent exposure of what is happening, humanity will rise to put a stop to these war mongering entities once and for all; all good men will rise for the occasion. And for those who still live in denial and ignorance, the upheaval when it happens will be a wake up call that will shake their souls to the core; WW3 will make WW2 look like a child's play.
I hope and pray that it will blow away and the world will preserve itself from self destruction. I hope and pray that the blood thirsting madness will come to an end with not an incident and defy all the end of the world predictions and revelations even if the ball has be set rolling towards our demise. The All Mighty works in mysterious ways it is said by just every religious faith and i hope and pray that the Lord will intervene before it is too late. Working towards a peaceful coexistence is much cheaper than war and it can take humanity to a greater height and success if man can pull himself together and become what he is put on this planet for; to be the custodian of this earth. 
To understand humanity, one has to understand one's self and come to terms with what is inherently our inner nature for as being told by great minds in the past; we are the world. We, each and everyone of us are responsible for the well being of this planet the only one we have. If not our voices, let our hearts be aware of what is happening around us and meditate or pray even offer sacrifices that the Universal Spirit is awakened from our Collective Consciousness to overcome the impending disaster that we are all facing. Mankind has to become more consciously involved in the affairs of the state and the world and each and every being alive must look deep within to recognize and utilize the powers inherent within us in combating evil. We were created not to just populate this planet and live off it like parasites or worse like cancerous virus living off its host. We have to stop eating and shitting on the same plate; we are far greater than who we think we are, if only we take the time to look within and contemplate. We have to do this not for our sake alone but for all those who will come after us.
Wake Up; before you are rudely awaken.