Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Refugee Woes in Europe

Europe is being inundated by refugees from all over the war torn nations of the Middle east and the poverty struck nations of Northern African countries. Again Islam is projected forward as the cause to all these instability going on in the European Union countries. Germany opened its doors to receive as many refugees as it could handle and several other nations followed but more reluctantly for fear of the repercussions of what will happen to their own security. The influx of refugees form the war torn countries in the Middle East carries with them Islam as a brand claiming their rights as Muslims and as refugees for a decent treatment from the host nations and the host nations are weary of the conflict that is being laid down at their door steps between their own citizens and the new comers. Ancient animosity and hatred flares up from fear and ignorance of what is being faced with by both sides. It is indeed a tragic state we are facing in the course of our human history. 
It all hinges upon the three illnesses that i have often enough cited in my Blog and that being, Greed-Hate and Ignorance. Man will never free himself from the chains of suffering for so long as he does not overcome these three illnesses that is inherent within himself, be it as an individual or as a nation.
Oil is the cause of most all the conflicts in the Middle eastern countries and this black gold is both a boon and a curse to the nations that inherit them. The need for oil especially in the west has caused for more torment in the lives of millions of innocent man women and child throughout history since its first discovery; it was a battle between those who have it and those who need it at all cost. The story of  oil and the development of industries and nations throughout the world is paved with so much waste in terms of wealth and decadence and it is also filled with so much bloodshed and misery, but man will live on in denial of any wrong doing for so long as there is fuel to move the vehicle and light up the cities. What is happening in the European Union today is the breaking of the dam of frustration and hopelessness among those who been living in the shadows of greed, hate and ignorance as manifested by those who are relentlessly pursuing the course of these three evils in order to line their pockets or position themselves to rule over others.
Power is the manifestation of hatred where armed forces are sent to every corner of the globe to subdue and demoralized all that stand between the power that be and what it is after and in this case;oil. All manner of pretexts and excuses are given or manufactured to convince the masses that the military actions taken were justifiable; the end justifies the means.  The means has now become a disease that is corrupting humanity with endless wars and displacement of societies and reduction of life to discord despair among those who has become collateral victims. Those driven homeless out of fear for their very survival seek refuge in the very countries that had in the past sought to subjugate their homeland for gain and profit. This is the result of colonization and the West is receiving what it had sown. having stirred the hornets' nest now the angry masses are seeking retribution or at least a place to create its new hive.
It is sad that Islam has again been caught into this turmoil due to its oil producing nations being the center of attention. It seems like Islam will never be free from being the accused for all the violence that is being manifested all over the world when in truth the West has all along took for granted the fact that the wealth of the Muslim nation as being made available for their consumption and it is their right to take it at all cost by hook or by crook. The west through their might and technological advancement has assumed that all will be well at the end of the day when every oil producing nation comes under their jurisdiction. What they have failed to foresee is the basic human factor that refuses to accept defeat and subjugation, the will to survive and the fear of their survival being in jeopardy. Muslims that flocked towards the west en mass are those who are instrumental in this retribution and they have brought the wars and the miseries with them a laid it at the Western doorsteps. They have taken refuge from the very torment that was caused by the countries they sought refuge from. In the words of an eight year old boy in Syria,"Just stop the war in Syria, we Syrians do not want tot go to Europe." 
Refugees are not migrants and they have special rights accorded to them by the United Nation Declaration for the Rights of Refugees in foreign countries. But refugees too have to observe the rights of their host nations, the respect and abiding by the laws of that nation and their citizens. Muslim refugees are being targeted by the Western media as causing so much discord and even violence and this is unacceptable by any standards. A true Muslim following the teachings of the Prophet of Islam would not behave unruly in their host country. They would behave like the prophet had dictated in the times of war, to not harm the innocent not even the trees and landscape. The true Muslim refugee would behave like a true Muslim and act with patience and dignity in the face of hardship. To share the teachings of the Prophet by action and not by invoking violence in the name of the religion. Those who take the opportunity to incite chaos and violence in these times of tribulation are not Muslims and do not deserve the same refuge accorded to those who follow the Way of the Prophet. Islam is and was never a violent religion; a great many deluded Muslims are.

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