Monday, October 03, 2016

Making Sense out of Non-Sense 4

Silencing the dual thinking mind is the key, in my opinion, towards self liberation; it is the key towards breaking through the illusory world of Maya. We are living in our dreams most of our lives an extension of our sleep state dreams and reality is when we awaken to our external senses, we see and hear, we touch and taste what is reality as our mind is conditioned to understand and accept as the truth. But the reality we live and experience daily is just one dimension of reality and it is when closely observed lack any permanent identity other than thoughts and imaginations that we carry with us about what is before us. Scientists has proven to us now that none of this is what it is, what is real not even who you are in the physical dimension. You are not your physical body as it is ever changing and never the same moment to moment. We eat, we shit and we spend the rest of the day trying to make it all more easy for us; we work. Most of humanity has made this our 'human' way, to think otherwise is heresy or at the very least taboo. So we believe what we see, touch, taste and so forth Salt will always be salty, but what is the saltiness of salt that you taste? Is it similar to mine? Can you taste what i am tasting without thoughts and imagination. Can you feel the burning sensation that I am feeling from this fire? 
And so the Buddha said, "Unto no man do you depend upon your own salvation, I have to strive on my own and come a conclusion within myself as i have realized that the external phenomena is all an illusion. Our Collective Consciousness has made salt as salty and sugar as sweet, we are all now living in collective grid that has been conditioned into our consciousness and most are for our benefit in ensuring a harmonious coexistence. This comes from the same food we eat and the same water we drink day in day out and not to forget the same air we breath, as is said we are a product of our environment; what if you move allot? 
The answers i have time and time been told by my Teachers, Gurus and Friends, lies within and i have to mine it like i would be looking for that precious Pink Diamond in the Heart of Africa; deep within my heart of darkness. There is only the now to be concerned about and the moment of truth is always in the present moment and not five seconds before or later, it's always there lest you miss it. To be in truth is to be anchored in the moment without being conscious that you are and effortlessly proceed fully aware of you breath in and out. In this state truth manifests itself and nothing out of the ordinary happens except you are aware that white is white and black is black and this is the law of the dual thinking dimensional existence. It is the Collective Consciousness of the Dharma realm or Shakyamuni Buddha's Nirmanakaya Loka that manifests as a guide towards humanity making its way through Life...Life is Suffering...Suffering Is....None who Suffers. You suffer for as long as there is a you, as long as you are  this conditioned who you think you are or supposed to be.The closer you are attached to this understanding of who you  truly are, the more harder it would be for you to give up this phenomenal existence, thus clinging on to life is the ultimate form of suffering and especially when the end of our days approaches. The most Hottest of all Koans that i have been carrying in my guts is; "Who am I?" and i hope that before i die i will at least have a glimpse of Nirvana or have one foot in heaven.

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