Monday, October 03, 2016

Making Sense out of Non-Sense.-2

Nasser Shamma, Master OUD(/) Player in Malaysia it is called Gambus.
Just to quiet the mind and enjoy the peace in the silence that follows even if for a moment in time, this is Bliss! It is like reaching the peak or the bottom of the mountain depending which way you were headed, up or down, this is restfulness, conscious shut down of the mental faculties and all centered from breathing in and out with full awareness of it happening.(A Vipassana breathing meditation helps). Most of us will tend to fall asleep at this point simply because it is so peaceful and restful, but this is when you invite your creative spirit to lay down your thoughts and observation of what is transpiring within and without, of who you are. This is the moment you cease and hold on to for as long as you can, a state whereby the mind has very little control over you and the body has found alignment and balance. Some might even call this a 'power nap,' the length of time is of no concern, short as lightning or as long as eternity or so you feel.
Do not become attach to this state of mind and move on to the next dimension of your practice, if you are a practitioner, and continue to harness the silence that you have brought forth. Maintain the awareness of being in the moment and anchored in the present, there is sounds and noises from the outside, you recognize some and the others are just like 'rain drops falling on my head'. Expect nothing and cause for nothing to come into being. resist the temptation to control your state of mind; just let it be, just observe. Become more and more aware of the changes that takes place in the mind. What rises and what dispersed and how long did they stay and what makes them leave - this is how you watch your mind. Slowly but surely you will come to recognize each and every thought process or as the Buddhist teachings calls them Mental Formations., all the ideas, and fears, the dramas and dogmas; all the daily experiences you had and plus more, this is the power of the mind over you. With age it grows much more as you as you are making your final approach before you hit the hole in the ground; you become aware of the past present and future of your existence. 
Cluttered and chaotic as the mind is, it can be pacified and brought to slowdown if not come to a halt every now and then; remember who is the boss. If you are the maker of the final decisions if you are the owner and master of your own body and mind, then you know you have the Birth right to make things happen as you will, at least within your own dimensional experiences. You are the Artist, paint what you like and imagine all you want; this is Creativity. Liberation is the Key factor in the final analysis of Buddhism, as I see it, seeking to free oneself from the torture of being poor and ignorant, deaf blind and dumb, or even being filthy rich but riddled with the problem of wealth or fame; it is in Liberation that the Buddha set out to discover what is Enlightenment. Gautama performed the longest and most arduous journey of self discovery in his adult life such that He can liberate humanity as a whole, " I am Awakened! The Universe Awakens with Me!"

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