Monday, September 26, 2016

"Small in Size Big in Role" -Solo Exhibition.

I met up with a Face Book friend who was curating an Art show at MGTF.

 Another Artist character in my life who never seizes to amaze me. Growing old in an elegant Artist Way.

A very close friend who had been there for me on many occasion.

THe Artist - Jayshree. who finds beauty in 'Bugs'

The subtleties and luminescent effect she has mastered in her works captured my admiration.

The Paintings are a breath of fresh air for me as I have just about given up on works of Art  having any impact on me anymore.

The Passionate and patient handling of the medium tells me the artist has found herself in her paintings.

In this day and age the younger generation of artist are to easily sucked into what is called modern or abstract art and not having the ground to stand from when it comes to the basics.

A Medium when well understood can become a tool of expression that at the hand of a Master will mesmerize even the painter herself.

Art is a Potent healing form if and when discovered will heal the Heart and warm the Soul. Children  found this and adults lost them.

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