Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Reminiscing my Visit to Giswil, Switzerland - Jan 2011

 Flew into Zurich last night at about 8;30 pm and was picked up at the Airport by Timo my son. and the Temperature outside was 0 degrees Centigrade which immediately took me back to the memories of Green bay, Wisconsin...It was good to see my son again . The house  was most comfortable and smelled of pine as i I entered it and my bedroom was warm . I watched the sunrise sketching the scene outside my window.

The small town of Giswil sits on top of a small hill facing a valley the stretches  far out into the distant hills and mountains. Sometime in November I was in the warm humid climate of the tropical country in Malaysia, then I  was in the Desert country of Dubai, in the Middle East in December and now I found myself in the frigid cold mountains of Switzerland.

Winter has never seizes to warm my heart and soul and i have lived over ten years in winter countries such as Wisconsin and Alaska. Still given the choice i would rather live in the warmer countries like my own tropical paradise where the weather is not too  drastic. There was a beautiful Church close by where my son lives and this sketch was done from  the Church. 

I sat across from the Church at the bottom of a small hill and I sat leaning against a cowshed. The smell of cow dung filled my senses while i sketched  early one morning. The rustic beauty of the whole surrounding area was mesmerizing and i felt good for my son having had grown up in such surrounding.

Was taken on a trip to Sarnen by my son and accompanied by two of his buddies. We decided to have Pizza at  "Aiola Restaurent. where the waiting time gave me more than enough time time to complete this sketch.

My son loves animals and had two ferrets and a tortoise which ran around the house like they own the place. My visit with my son and his grandparents, uncles and aunties, nephews and nieces, was memorable yet hard for me to believe. I  could have ended up there had things been different. 

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