Saturday, September 10, 2016

Living day to day and dying with every experiencing.

Yesterday morning my car went totally dead, simply refuses to start and so i had to call my friend Ah Huat for help and he came through by sending one his boys Ah Boon to look into the matter. Ah Boon could not get it started either and so it was put on hold for the rest of the evening until there was time to spare by the boys at the shop. Sometime at eight thirty in the evening four of us drove from the Auto shop to my house where my car was and along the way Ah Huat gave us a dinner treat at the roadside Nasi Kandar shop in Jelutong, a place famous among locals mostly and open in the evening till three or four in the morning. Nasi Kandar is the most popular food of rice and curry in Penang which is turn famous for it. It has however over time been taken over by larger companies especially those sponsored by Indians from India, the quality has somewhat diminishes as well as the service. Most of us born and bred on the Island know what the original Nasi kandar taste like and are picky when it comes to choosing the stalls we frequent. Today there are a few authentic NS stalls left in and around the City of Georgetown.
When we finally made it to my car i found that i had left the keys at the shop and so two of the boys had to make a U-turn to retrieve the keys, I was not happy at this carelessness or more like forgetfulness, another ailment signifying old age and decadence. My friend Ah Huat was as cool as can be about the whole thing and as a matter of fact he seemed to enjoy this breakaway from the norm of his normal routine and he kept me from getting all riled up for being such a numskull. While the boys were on their way back to the shop he decided that the two of us should do some shopping at the mini-mall next door to my home which was having an anniversary sale. When the boys finally returned with the key the first try on the ignition got the car running! It was like the car was playing a trick on me telling me to not forget the Friday Prayer as it was Friday.
Yes, I have been neglecting or perhaps dealing with the religious issues where prayers are concern of late and I find it less and less appealing going to the mosque especially not where i have been going to the one near my home. I pray to The Lord in my own ways every time i think of Him but i find organized religion less and less appealing for my taste. s millions are performing their Haj in Mecca i am not as thrilled about it if i do or don't get invited to the Lord's Holy Land. The amount of money involve alone is enough to turn me off, not to mention all the crap that goes on involving those who profit from this whole business, I hear horror stories from those who returned. Perhaps i am not meant to become a haji for what it is worth and i have known allot of those who have still peddling their old habits of con men and shysters in their everyday dealings, not missing a trick in making others pays while they wear their white skull caps and don the long Arab pajamas.
So if i am a little slack in my responsibility towards carrying out the religious precepts of late it is only because i am still tossing and turning in my sleep over issues that I find rather hard to swallow whole. It is not a matter of doubt of disbelieve, but it is about not having to buy into the whole ball of wax that has been laid down from days gone by and till this day have not really helped mankind to become human. Of late religions have become a major cause in the breakdown of Humanity as a whole. Under the name of religion lives are lost in the thousands each day around the Planet and I need not have to go deeper into it, read! Hence my trip with my Lord is between Him and Me. I say this with all due respect and yes with a whole lot of trepidation, but I say it with full conviction too. Of death i worry before i die, not after. But before i die too, I would love some concrete answers to what in the hell is this life all about for me personally.

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