Thursday, August 25, 2016

Make hay while the sun shine

Life is mostly about relationship, that of one's self to the rest of the Universe no matter what form or color, what creed or status. Life is about loving what is the God given Planet in all its entirety without condition; unconditional Love. Life is about 'kindly bending to ease the pain and discomfort of others', not judging right or wrong towards what one experience in the outer world but simply acting accordingly with skillful means that is latent in one's capacity as a human being; being human. Life is sharing whatever one can afford to share with those in need, the destitute and the down trodden and not hoarding one's wealth as a monument suggesting one's success in life. Life is not demanding what is not rightfully yours and taking what is not given, life is giving and taking within reason and not causing pain or discomfort towards others. Life is not judging others for their errors and frailties, life is about giving support where support is needed such that the other person can move on with his or her life with ease and knowing that there is help around the corner when asked for.
Life is all about the simple things of knowing what is true and what is no so true, what is real and what is an illusion, what is everlasting and permanent from what is fleeting and impermanent. Life is about feeling the sense of freedom from within and letting it be shared without. life is about knowing where or when to quit before it is over done, where or when to say enough is enough before greed becomes a habit. Life is about giving back what has been given to propagate growth for the rest as a whole, it is not about holding back just for the sake of accumulating and hoarding wealth. Life is in not becoming a hypocrite and saying what is not meant and practicing what is not believed to be true simply for the sake of pacifying the majority, or wanting to be accepted by the masses. Life is being true to yourself and above all knowing who you truly are in the scheme of things that is part and parcel called Life.
It might take a lifetime effort to get to know the meaning of life or it might take a split second of enlightenment, but in either case Life is still the allotted time and space we are all given such that we may journey towards our own self discovery and become a fully enlightened being or as the Muslim would call it, 'Al Insan Kamil' or the Perfect Man. As most of mankind trudge along this path of life living day to day oblivious towards it higher virtues, we get sucked into ignorance of who or where we are at, lost in a limbo of thought driven lifestyle that is living at the surface of existence itself. Like flotsam on the surface of the ocean, we drift from one place to another until we come to rest when there is no more room to float around anymore and then we settle down. In this stagnated state we begin to ferment and eventually rot into becoming the part of the sediment that settles at the bottom of the ocean. Most of mankind are destined for the slaughter house after living a life that is prefabricated by those who have the insight and ingenuity to control and the destiny of this human race. What is being shred on the Internet via You Tube and so forth are not far from the truth if carefully observed and studied. We as human are being manipulated by the powers that be in all sorts of forms, ways and means possible such that we live our lives according to the dictates of more powerful groups of people at the top of the food chain.
Conspiracy theorists are making great efforts to raise our consciousness towards the global threats that mankind is facing but not enough is paying attention and our educational system shy away from such 'Doomsday' prophecies without even the slightest interest in what the messages are about. Our Air, water and earth is being polluted and infected on a daily basis by man made chemicals and our health is being threatened by newer and more potent viruses some of which are man made and we live on as though nothing is the matter with us. We live in abject denial of the threat we are facing as a whole specie and what is happening to our environment subjected to all kinds of degradation.
Philosophers of old and contemporary, Religions and spiritualists from way back when and scientists of the past and present have been warning us throughout history that we in the danger of becoming the cancer virus that will consume our own Planet, we are still living in ignorance of it or simply in denial. They say we are each and everyone of us responsible for what happens to us as a whole and that one man matters, yet we are too wrapped up in our so called survival mode that we fail to grasp the truth of what is being warned. How many of us are making the effort to even care for what is being shared by the enlightened ones of the past and present, in percentage hardly a drop in the human population. The rest are living life as though there is nothing to it but simply eat, sleep and die and while we at it ,'make hay while the sun shine.'   


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