Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Theory of Light and Darkness.

If there be no Peace within, how can there be peace without? If there be no Compassion within, how can one show genuine compassion without? If there is no Love within, how can Love manifest itself without? This the Ancient as well as the modern day philosophers and wise men have been pondering and the more iit is pndered the closer we get tot he answer that we are all merely mirrors of the Universe mirroring itself or God if one so inclined to look at it with the religious eye, God is looking at His own Creation through the eyes of man. Listening to Hans Zimmer through the ears of man, touching the keyboard through the fingertips of man.
The Universal Principle manifest itself through the actions of Man and after eons of collective thoughts, the mind has crystallized into one epic manifestation of creative energy that  is now generating itself into another force like that of the Sun and it will one day explode or implode depending upon it frequency of vibrations as the positive vs the negative impulses of the human mental tendencies will eventually dominate one over the other. If the positive out weighs the forces of the the dark energy matter, then we may have Super Nova and the opposite will create the Black hole of anti matter. The laws of the Universe culminates upon the Collective Consciousness of the living beings that inhabit its inner dimensions while creating the material of its outer dimension. Scientists as well as Spiritualists from the Ancients to the Modern have been expounding this fact or feeling that we are the co-creators of the Universe we exist in not just us humans but the entire planetary array of sentient beings.
From the call of the bull frogs in the pond outside to the call of the hearts of the saints in their solitary confinements, he creative as well as the destructive forces of nature manifest itself and evolves into forms that eventually becomes one atomic energy oscillating in space among other energized thought formations. Our planet itself is but one such atomic particle in space and time and it can appear and disappear just like any other such atoms and molecules and it all begins deep within our inner subconscious minds where the source of energy lies. that which is the light that ignites to form  
the source of light of being; the Universe. 

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