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On this morning of Ramadan - First Day of the third quarter.

It is mentioned in the Qur'an that The Lord has closed all the door
to hell and put a restraining order upon all evil beings such as Satan and his cohorts from making any influence in the lives of man during the fasting Month of Ramadan. Hence if one is to commit transgressions or sins, go against the Lord's command, it will not be because one is hearing voices telling one to do so but one is committing such acts by one's own volition. In other words one's 'nafs' or ego as i interpret it to be is fully responsible for making such erroneous decision to disobey God. Thus during this Holy Month of Ramadan, Allah is testing you through your ego, to see if you or your 'lower nature' has control of you life.
The age old question arises, what is ego? or what is nafs?

Nafs (نَفْس) is an Arabic word (cognate of the Hebrew word nefesh נפש) occurring in the Qur'an and means selfpsyche[1] ego or soul. In the Quran, the word is used in both the individualistic (e.g. verse 2:48) and collective sense (verse 4:1), indicating that although humanity is united in possessing the qualities of a "soul/nafs/consciousness" they are individually responsible for exercising the agencies of their "free will" that it provides them.. Wikepedia.

“And the soul and the perfection given to it. Thus was given awareness of its evil and its good. He succeeded who purified it and he failed who corrupted it”
“And as for him who fears the status of his Lord and forbids the soul from low desires
Then surely the heaven is the abode.”
(79:40, 41)    
“O confident soul!
Return to your Lord pleased (with Him), pleasing (Him).
So enter among my servants
And enter to my heaven.”
(89:27, 28)
Exploring Islam - Abdullah Rahim.

Thus from the above quotes of the Holy Qur'an one is to assume that nafs is the negative side of the Soul in man? A bi product that has to be restrained and pacify in order that one can manifest the goodness in the soul. The question is whi is making this assessment? This observation? The good side of the soul or God? Is the soul then a split entity or both potentially good and evil and if so who is policing the choices that is made, to do good or bad in life? Is there then a third entity that is neutral making all the observations and arriving at the choices, good or bad.

I am not challenging the infallibility of the Holy Book or the words of God, but am just wondering at the interpretation or 'Tafsir', seeing if there is more to it than just as it is. I watched a talk given by a member of the senate give a speech to shut up his opponent by stating that one cannot apply 'Logic' when interpreting or discussing the words of God, or something to that effect, I think that is crap. Allah says, "Read!" as the first word in the Qur'an and He did not went on to say Read blindly or with blind 'Faith'. He has given us 'Free will' to think for ourselves and the mind came into being. Is the mind the third entity that is making the observations over matters right or wrong hat is being commuted by the Dual Soul? Or is the 'Mind' or free will is the culprit that is influencing and causing the split in the soul's having to and capacity to choose.
There can never be two souls split or otherwise. The true nature of the human soul can never realized or revealed by man unless it is sanctioned by God; it is one of the secret of secrets that man is incapable of knowing through his thinking mind. The Prophet of Allah was given a brief glimpse of it but was also told not to dwell on the issue, hence the human soul is in Allah's domain and remain so. But eh nafs is something for man to come to terms with if he is to become purified in his words, thoughts and deeds. This is the primary reason why man has to get to know himself first and foremost; Who is he, Who am I? Am I the soul, the alter soul or the ego (nafs). Who do blame for not fasting during this month of Ramadan,or worse committing heinous crimes as is happening now all over the Middle East, during this Holy Month?
The human soul is said to have made a covenant with the Lord before conception into this realm of existent and that was the ultimate profess that there is none but Allah as the Logos or Divine Injunction. With this covenant it is clear that the Human Soul was created pure from all stains or duality just as the first Human Soul was created in the Image of the Lord, Adam (AIS), the first Man. When did nafs crept into his consciousness as an entity; the Story of Genesis or Creation itself might shed some light on this and herein begins man's own interpretation of his 'Being'. When did it all began? 
Is man's consciousness or awareness the third or neutral factor that helps to make all the 'Right Choices' and if so how do we develop this faculty that in essence governs our free will...WallahuAllam...only He knows. 

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