Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lightness of being.

Like the polarities of each atomic particle oscillating and smashing against one another in space so is our very own  existence from the day we were conceived in the womb upon the collision and integration of two atomic particles causing a fusion that releases a new from and energy into outer space; a new star is born. Throughout our lives we we exist either with an enlightened mind or blindly like a flotsam of wasted energy fulfilling our so called destiny while the the Universe expands and contracts accordingly. It is said in practically in every religious and spiritual belief that, we are the children of Light. We originate from Light and that our source is Light. However most humans have chosen willingly or otherwise to exist in the shadows of darkness or ignorance feeding upon the waste matter that lights generates rather than feed feeding upon light itself. It is a paradox that one cannot exist without the other, however the maintaining of of a good balance if crucial just as the balance that is equated in the atomic particles, both positive and negative are of equal values. 
The Ancients and perhaps modern philosophers and scientists too, would tell us that we exist for a purpose and one may call it a 'Higher Purpose'. What this higher purpose serves is entirely up to our own personal understanding of who or what we truly are in the scheme of things Those of us who are able to slow down our mental fluctuations would be among those that see into this phenomena of Collective consciousness at work while others whose mental state is n constant hectic fluctuations will be veiled from seeing into the nature of our 'Cosmic Existence.;' the reason why we are here to serve a higher consciousness in negative or positive form. 
Hence it is imperative that we generate light, the positive nature of our state of being in order that the Universe may continue on to expand and not the reverse. The Universe is a conscious living and breathing entity in itself as scientists are beginning to accept as they dig deeper into outer as well as inner space and we're all its creatures that is presently breathing in and out its gasses and digesting all its matter in one form or another and defecating it after converting it into other forms and structures are part and parcel to all that is; Creation. The danger man faces today is the fact that he is drifting more and more towards the excessive negative impulses, all for the sake of his personal or tribal survival alone. We have become pretty much a self serving creature, "Got to take care of Number One," 'My way is the only Way," "This land is mine." and all the rest of self serving proclamations the by product of ignorance of who we truly are, that like atoms in space our existence is not permanent. We exist on borrowed time and space and that upon cessation of our allotted time we give up our light within whether it be bright as a shooting star or darkened by the dross of our existing in ignorance having lived our lives as a 'bottom feeder' or at the lowest rank of the food chain, in which case we are returned to be recycled where the light within us is withdrawn through the process of melting away the layers of accumulations we have collected throughout our lives. In the religious sense we have hell fire to do the job of burning away the layers of dark stains we have accumulated throughout our lives in ignorance; most of us. For those who have made the effort to work towards the light of pure understanding, perhaps our lightness of being will raise us to heaven; towards the heavens.


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