Monday, July 25, 2016

The great Mystery.

After a lapse of a few days I am now back to answer the nagging question about my faith, (in Islam). It happened very early in the morning of the day i wrote my last entry on the subject and it hapened while I was sitting on my bed unable to sleep and deciede to meditate instead. It was a simple matter of truth, nothing big but the answer to my nagging question is that, it isa not aht i have no or lost my faith in the religion or even God, but it is just that i have lost faith in the institution of the religion. The doubts I have been feeling are not from my inner being of a Muslim but my outer being of having complains about the religion itself being manipulated to serve those who consider themselves as Imams, ustaz, gurus and such. I have been making the mistake of letting the external patterns of religious practices influence my true faith in Islam. What I have been doing is making the mistake of taking the container for the content; Islam or the believe in any God or deity in one's life is personal.
I have come a very long way into making the realization of what i believe in and what i accept as my faith has nothing to do with anyone else out there beyond my own consciousness no matter how true or sweet the deals offered may be. Truth for me can never come from without, it cannot be processed or manufactured, thought of or created by anyone, Truth be told is simply Truth as each and every individual perceives it to be. Truth is not something one can read about or come to a conclusion from listening to others. 
"There are two mistakes one can make on the path to Truth, not going all the way and not taking the first step towards it."..The Buddha. The Buddha's entire journey can be sum up as to seek the Truth; about life, death and rebirth and the end of it or the cessation of suffering from it. I am a mortal man struggling my way towards discovering for myself this significant aspect of my existence and i have studied, practiced, prayed and worshiped in order that i may discover what is the truth in all these faiths. I find that there is really nothing to discover more than what one has already found in essence deep within one's heart and have held it to be the truth. As  I grow older and after accumulating so much along the way, I have made almost a complete circle of acknowledging that there is only One and the One is the true Being in existence, I am just speck of entity or atom manifesting the One; call it what you may. When i cease to be in this physical form i return to the One.
"Innalillahi wa'innalillahi Ra'jiun." From Him I originated and to Him do I return. IN Islam refers Him to Allah, the Christians calls Him God, the Scientists perhaps refers to Him as the Unified Whole...The Universe...The native Americans calls Him Waka Tanka or the Great Mystery...what do you see Him as?

"Everything we hear is an opinion not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth..." Marcus Aurellius 

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