Friday, June 03, 2016

Opening the an of worms - my life in Malaysia.-2

When Anwar Ibrahim the former Deputy Prime Minister  in a bid to justify his contentions made an appearance to give a 'ceramah' located at one of his supporter's home located along the beach at  Batu Buruk some time in 1998, I was there. He was not allowed any piblic venue for this talk so it was an illegal gathering. I was there out of curiosity as i had no interest in Malaysian politics or politics in general, but i was curious about the charismatic man himself. I have read his book one of which i had donated to the Sendai International Center library in Sendai, Japan; Asian Renaissance, if I am not mistaken. Not thinking of the ramifications of my action i was sitting up front and got carried by his speech the result of which i was captured on camera by the local TV station. later i was informed by my eldest brother that my being there had caused my twin brother who was then a director of Kraftangan somewhere grief with his boss; we are identical twins, hence the error. Thus began again our bad blood upon my return from Japan. His wife made sure that I was not left off the hook every chance she got to remind how inconsiderate I was. 
My late wife, Nancy Buss Bahari was hired to teach at KUSZA through the recommendations of my eldest brother who was also then a part time lecturer at the college. She taught ESL and Japanese having a master's degree in English and a certificate in Japanese speaking and writing; her salary far from reflected her qualifications and experiences having taught at UC Berkeley in Sanf Francisco and 10 years of Japanese studies in Japan. I felt sorry for her more so because teaching was a passion for her. She would have earned twice if not three times more if she had been teaching in Japan or the United States. It was in her nature never to raise a word of complain in these matters and so she did her job as a matter of course. The only complain I heard from her once was that  a few of her text books she had from from Japan were missing that she believed they were stolen.
Our next door neighbor at Bukit Kecil, in Kuala Terengganu was a mechanic for the police force and a very religious man. Every night we would go to his home and pray while also learning to read the Quran. Through him i was recommended a job as a Health and Safety Officer for Ibai Bina, a construction company that was doing construction work in Kerteh for the Petronas refinery. With my qualifications from having been trained in California in Health and Safety while working for H&H Ship Services, I was hired. I commuted back and forth from Kuala Terenggnu to daily till I found a cheap car and a place to stay in Dungun which was the closest town to Kerteh. Thus I spent most of time away from my wife and children even as they were learning to cope with changes in their lives. my next door neighbor and his family were a blessing during those times. My wife being a survivor adapted to handling the situation as best she could driving back and forth from her work and taking care of the children with their schooling. 
I decided to move my family closer to the college where my wife was teaching so she does not have to drive too far everyday. We settled down at a place called Telaga Batin very close to the Kuala Terengganu airport and the Military camp. It was relatively a very quiet area during those days and the problem we had was motorcycles drag racing back and forth in front of our house at night. Kids who were understandably bored stiff with their lives living is the area where there was practically nothing to do for excitement raced their bikes at break neck speed back and forth for kicks. It got to the point where it was impossible to sleep at night and so i go into action along with a group of residents in the area to put a stop to this.

To be contd.


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Unknown said...

Oh my good friend you've come to be punished for being open minded and intelligent in a rotten world that rewards corruption and mediocrity. Those who blame you have no clue of the warmness and kindness living in your heart. Chin up and pay no heed to those who, ultimately, envy you.