Thursday, June 30, 2016

Through the years of my Blogging, since 2005, I have maintained that my prime concern with life is to turn all the negative into positive; events, experiences, self inflicted errors, bad habits and all else that has been my faults. I cannot turn back time to erase these wrongs nor can i repay all my debts to all those who I owe them to in one form or another, nor am I going to justify to myself of make excuses for my past actions, but I will do my best to make it my intention in cleaning up my slate by doing what i have been doing through my Blogging. I will keep on writing all that arises in my mind of past present and future such that it will help for me to understand myself better and come to know: Who Am I.
At the risk of sounding like a broken record I will keep on repeating this 'Mantra', that I will not forget this purpose i owe to my life and existence and to all those I have wronged in the past in one way or another. This writing has taken a life of its own over the years, it has become something more than just a diary/biography of who i am  This writing has become  more than just a confessional, it has become my means of laying it all out before the Universe, before God, before that which Is as a form of record of atonement and self purification. Simply put, it is my way of baring myself naked before the Whole. My ultimate goal is to attain to my Spiritual Awakening and my Complete Enlightenment and leading to my Final Liberation from this state of ignorance. I will continue on this journey till my last breath, existing every minute of the day in investigating all that transpires within and without of myself, observing my thoughts as they manifest themselves and making all effort in maintaining my posture as a 'Truth Seeker', for lack of better term.
While travelling through the three South Western States of New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado sometime in 1978-79, I made it an effort to stop at every Native American National Monument Areas to savor the depth of their Spiritual Quest. I sat alone at night on top of a Mesa close by to, "The City of Rocks', National Monument at Almo, New Mexico. I might have written of this experience sometime somewhere in my Blog because it was an experience that I cannot forget easily: it was my Vision Quest of sorts. I stood stark naked underneath a glorious starlit sky and held my arms out to pay homage to the 'Great Spirit' and listened to the coyote sang in the distant Prairie around below me.  I felt safe, I felt the awesomeness of the Universe around me and I felt like a fool watching a family of Prairie chicken parade two feet away from where i sat, led by the mother hen and I am sitting on top of a Mesa, (table top mountain) a hundred feet or so from the ground. Where did they come from and why are they not afraid of me, where did they go?
I realized that he Universe often enough talks to you and if you listen well it will reveal to you the mysterious that you normally would fail to notice. If you ask with genuine interest to know sometimes the answers will come to you in the least ways of your expectation; prairie chickens!

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