Thursday, June 30, 2016

The State of the Nation. -in a nutshell

Sometime yesterday our Chief Minister, Mr. Lim Guan Eng was arrested accused of corruption involving the purchase of a banglo for himself. There goes the man with the 'Tunnel vision', Guan Eng wants to built an underwater tunnel liking Penang to the Mainland, an additional means of getting across tot he island after the second bridge being constructed. He intends to leave a legacy behind in no small way perhaps name it after his father, Lim Kit Seang. Be as it may, I like both of them as both father and son are fighters in the political arena the few left who can provide a check and balance against the Najib led Malaysian Government. Ever since 'the Tiger of Jelutong', the late Karpal Singh has departed and the former Deputy Primemininster, Anwar Ibrahim has been safely shoved back into the prison, and the PAS leadership playing both ways left and right. ther is fewer and fewer opposition team left to make sure of an equalizer in the running of the country.
Like what was said by the former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir, the country is going to the dogs economically and democracy is becoming a dictatorship under the unstoppable Najib Tun Razak rule. Malaysia has become a rouge nation if not a failed one in the eyes of many Western countries and the 'Rakyat' are still oblivious to what is going on. The state of the nation is one of unpredictability and we are headed for a major disaster if nothing is done to steer her clear off the perilous waters ahead. Most of the people, especially the Muslim Malay community and especially the government employees are still existing in denial living within their comfort zones playing it safe not to rock the boat of political uncertainties.
We Malaysians are indeed living in our dark moment in history of the country and i am making this entry just so i would not accused of failing history in my lengthy account about my life and times. There is indeed too much corruption all around from top to bottom and the ones that suffers most are those at the bottom of the food chain, the poor and the destitute and those on the verge of loosing everything they had dreamed of achieving. Suicide cases are indeed on the rise and road rage is becoming a common phenomena. What holds the fragile link between the different races that makes up this country is slowly eroding with decadence and despair. The trust between races are being compromised at a scale worse than prior to the May13th.1969 incident. We are indeed living on top of a powder keg about to blow up in our faces , only this time it would be so big a bang that we might never recover from it.
It looks like up to date no one side is going to give in as the politicians are going for their guns but none is really doing any shooting yet. Most are taking pokes at the other still unsure what it is all about as the government bureaucracy makes it almost impossible for transparency in what is truly happening.
However as my friends at the fisherman's jetty said, it is the fasting Month and this is just one more test the Lord has given us to deal with. Worse come to worse we will soon run out of options and the country will take a nose dive into yet another ocean or we might cease to exist as a Nation as we owe everyone around us so much that in order to repay all the debts we owe we might have to mortgage the country itself. I genuinely hope we will find a way out sooner than later before shit hits the fans.

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