Sunday, June 05, 2016

My family trip to Penang - to become Muslims.

It was the fasting month and this was at the Kota Bharu Airport on our way to Penang where we were going to perform our marriage in the Islamic way. The young ladies were suppose to be serving customers but were too tired from fasting.. However the sign did say self service.

My wife and children passed out at he Sri malaysia Hotel in Penang after a long taxi trip from Kuala Terengganu to Kota Bharu and a plane ride from KB to Penang. This was sometime in 1998.

M y cousin brother drove us back  and forth to get our paper works done which icluded  getting my wife converted to Islam and then getting the maariage ceremony done in the Islamic way.
For three days we drove back and forth from the religous department to  various other offices and finally with the help of the Khadi we were officially married in Islam. It was one of the most painful experience we had to endure for the three days and I was totally  disgusted with the Islamic Religious Department in Penang and i was so sad and sorry for my wife.

I remember my  wife crying in the hotel room after we had went through the ordeal of getting her converted to Islam and she said to me. "You told me it was all going to be an easy anf fun affair!" I did not know how to answer her except that God was testing us.

It seems like i was making one mistake after another ever since we returned to this country..

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