Monday, June 06, 2016

Time Out!- The fasting Month has begun.

Making Art a life long activity is possible if it is not turned into a the only source of income in your life, this i have come to realize over the years. One has have to have an alternate source of income no matter how small it may be but there must be something coming in other than selling you art. This may not be true for everyone but for me art has never earned me a steady income and i have a difficult time selling my works, I get this feeling like I am pandering my self esteem, like I am prostituting myself, like my works were being sold off to cater to my needs. I am wrong off course, and has always been so as my pride if not my ego has stood in the way of my meeting my financial daily needs.
My art has served me as a record keeper of activities that I have experienced or gone through as I live my life; it serves as my diary.
 Watching over my elder brother till his death in the ICU from Kidney failure. I sat with him for two weeks till the day he passed away. I did a few sketches while i was doing this and had much thoughts about death and dying.

Visiting an Art gallery in Jogjakarta. I met several  Indonesian artist while on my trip to Jogjakarta which was then on the road to becoming an cultural city for country.

Each and every sketch or drawing carries with it a story, an episode or an event in my life and sometimes they become a proof of whatever i claim in my talks or when I tell my stories. I was there and done that and it says so here.


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