Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Kuala Terengganu in Reflections.

 Terengganu is one of the most beautiful state in the country with a long stretch of golden sandy beaches from the north on the Kelantanese border all the way south to the Border with the State of Pahang. All along the coast fishing was and perhaps still is one of the main occupation except during the monsoon season when the seas would be too rough to handle by the smaller fishing boats. Today if you ask anyone living in the state you will find that food is very expensive compared to other states and fish is one of the most expensive commodity and never fresh. It is  said that most of the fish being caught were sold by the fishermen out in the sea where buyers from neighboring countries pay a much higher price for the catch.
'The Penanmbang" or ferry boat that takes one across the river is still in service when i was last in Terengganu..There is no sign of upgrading the services or the physical appearance of the boats. In a way it is a blessing as the river crossing itself is an experience worth taking the trip. The sound and smell of diesel engine and the assortment of riders makes it a moment in time.

The ferry remains the same while the jetties were being renovated and upgraded time and again. Not too many people use the ferries anymore these days but they still make a good trip up the river on a scenic  tour if one has a small group of people.

When not fishing like on this Friday, the fishermen hang out at the coffee shops watching WWF or World Wrestling Federation cheering for their favorites like the Rock and Triple H 

There is always an assorted crowd and all sipping Kopi o or Teh Tarik the local favorite drink as there is no Liquor allowed.. The conversations over nothing in particular will always be loud and  sometimes aggresive.

Along the beaches are also found shacks where fish are processed like for drying and for the making of Belacan
a kind of fish paste the is used for cooking or making chilli paste. Terengganu is famous for the production of 'keropok'a kind of fish chips and the state is also well known for the fermented fish called 'Budu' which in days gone by was what most of the people ate with their rice during monsoon seasons. It is the most smelly and disgusting looking thing left under the house to ferment and often infested with maggots, I love it. 

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