Monday, June 06, 2016

Van Seumerren Rom Star.

Harry was the project Lifting Supervisor and Van Seumerren employees were mostly Ibans from Sarawak.for obvious reasons. For one i noticed that they are a close knit group that work closely to each other without complain. They were also a highly disciplined lot that were each responsible fro what they were assigned to do.

Van Seumerren crew wore all red coveralls that stood out in any project they q\work at. I was worn with pride as it was striking in appearance..

The guy on the right was one of the only locals not an Iban, he was a local Malay and equally goo at what he does. Heavy lifting takes a whole lot of pricision and caculations especially when it is carried out in areas where viisibility is often obstructed by structures.  Precise communnication was carried out to ensure the load was being delivered where it was needed to be.  

All  kinds of shape and sizes were lifted and delivered on to racks where they were bolted down as soon as they wre located.

Getting ready for the next lift.

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