Monday, May 23, 2016

Keeping it all in Gear.

When my daughter asked me what my plans were for the rest of the day at breakfast at Kassim Mustafa on Chulia Street, in Georgetown, I told her i really have no idea as yet. She said you are just going with the flow and i said just about it. I dropped her off at Giat MARA where she is doing her Seamstress course which is in keeping with her wanting to be a fashion designer. I am confident that she will survive on her own even when i am no more around to help her see it through day by day, she has become more than self confident and is capable of earning a living in more than one way.
I drove off to USM hoping that the office will be open and it is, thus i am working on blog entry which i have been neglecting for the past few weeks.
Perhaps i am slowly winding down and letting go of activities that really has worn out its values in affecting much changes in my life. I am more into trying to keep body and mind from deteriorating too soon before it is time to bow out of this cycle of life and death. I am maintaining my physical self by performing as much physical labor as i can afford to while at the same time contribute towards the well being of my immediate community of family and friends. Yesterday was spent working on a long Mural on the wall of a Kindergarten along with the parents and teachers of the school. This is the school where my grand nephews and nieces attends in Balik Pulau, located on the other side of the Island of Penang. Hence i am recovering from aches and pains all over the body, especially on the lower back.
The week earlier I was with the USM staff attending the Natinal Meuseum Day which wsa held at the Museum Padi or Padi Museum located in Alor Star, the capital town of the northern State of Kedah. Evidently, Penang was once a part of the State of Kedah until the Sea captain Francis Light Conned the Sultan into selling him the Island in return for the protection he afforded against pirates and such. But that was History and who pays much attention to History anymore, as it is said history is written by the victorious and not by the vanquished. If there is anyone to be blamed for the fate of this Island, it is the Kedah Sultan of the day who was swayed by the sweet talks ans sabre rattling of the British East India Company when they came to set up trading in the Malay peninsular. Today you see the black and white picture of the said Sultaa in in homes and coffee shops in Kedah showing of His Highness.s medals stuck to his chest given by the British for being fooled.
The Museum Padi is located on the outskirt of the town of Alor Star at the foot of Gunung Keriang, is worth visiting for it has one of the most fantastic Mural I have ever seen depicting the landscape of Rice fields and local lifestyle. I was very impressed by this massive work which was done by a a group of about sixty Korean Artists and artisans. In an age where 3D Art is becoming a fad all over the world, this piece which was officially launched in 2004 is for me among the most captivating.
Gunung Keriang itself is a site worth exploring for those interest in caves and climbings. 
Image result for Museum Padi, kedah
    Gunung Keriang.

Muzium Padi, Lot798 Jalan Gunung Keriang, Mukim Gunung Keriang, 06570 Alor Setar, Kedah Darul Aman.

Tel. No: 04-7351315

I also made a short visit to my friends at SRI Lovely in the foot hills of Kampung Lintang in Sik, Kedah. I stayed there for a few days long enough to get some cutting and trimming done giving the place a facelift as they were expecting a visit by the Students from the Thaksin University in Thailand. This was before i made the trip to the Natinal Museum Day celebration in Alor Star. Yes, I was trying to keep my time occupied so as to keep my body and mind active and productive. Believe me it does not get any easier as one gets older and the body is telling you that you are no longer what you used to be.

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