Thursday, May 12, 2016

Rambling on Health matters.

When i wake up every morning I look myself in he mirror and smile at the ugly face looking back at me and say I love you. No matter how ugly or old and haggard i may look in the mirror prior to this I find myself smiling back at me saying, "yeah, right, whatever!." I have been looking at this face for the past sixty odd years and it has not changed except for the fact that it has aged somewhat and the white hair are getting more prominent than the dark and new lines are making their way into the surfaces highlighting areas that were less distinguished before. I keep my hair long so as to let i be known that I am not a team player when it comes to follow the leaders. I try to maintain whatever is left of my physique so that I can still do what needs to be done without killing myself doing it.  
I am beginning to realize that there is a technique to growing old and it is an ongoing procedure that involves various aspects of one's nature which includes one's relationships with others friends and foes alike. Letting go of animosities a soon as possible by apologizing even if you are not in the wrong is one sure way to unburden the negative impact that was incurred. Smiling at those who stare at you or give you the dirty look for no apparent reason nullifies the negative feeling that would result soon afterwards; less baggage. Then there is the care for one's physical self, the bones and muscles that operates driven by the internal organs of various types; be aware of them as help them to find balance in operating at the maximum capacity. Realize that what goes in must come out even if it takes a different more nasty form; a regular bowel movement is paramount to healthy body. Take a minute to look at what you have ejected from your body and see the difference day to day. Most of us today sit and do our number then get off and flush it all down without a glimpse of what went down.
Upon waking up, I sit. I meditate doing some breathing to align my body while checking where the aches and pains were and relieving these areas through my breathing. hen I do my facial stretching and followed by the whole body, all through breathing. I do this every morning without fail and i find myself ready free from any residual aches and pains due to sleep. Getting my blood circulation moving helps me to make my next moves through the day. This human body is an incredible machine if well maintained and less abused will endure and see us through to the end with not too much hiccups. How often have we looked at our fingers and say, thank you! Mostly never, or our eyes for being able to enjoy such sights as we see around us or our legs for transporting us here and there with never a complain and i could go on limb for limb and how they have served us.
I have been trying to impart these reminders to my fellow cronies as we sat and talk over our coffee and roti canai or while kicking back while fishing when the subject of health arises. I find that Malays especially loves to talk of their diabetic and high blood pressure, to the degree tat they sometimes sounds like they are doctors on the matter; either that or politics. There are more politicians among Malays in the country than the other races. it is seldom that i find a healthy conversation over matters that really makes the difference in our everyday life among my fellow Malays. I find it much more relaxing if not enlightening chatting with the young adults as it is for they are more open to discussions on matters such as mind altering trips naturally or otherwise rather than who is loosing their legs next due to too much sugar.


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