Monday, May 23, 2016

We Are thinking ourselves Down the Hole.

How to keep on keeping your consciousness sharp and brilliant, spotless and unblemished from the illusions of what  you are exposed to in your daily lives. How to keep honing your senses and keep them from slipping into darkness before their allotted time span, this is the quest being set about by most modern day young and active members of societies. Various activities that are set to challenge the human spirit are catered towards accomplishing these goals at the end of the day, when you get more and more feeble as age wears down on you claiming yet another food and fodder for the worms before it is time due to giving up prematurely, this thirst for life. It is imperative that dearth is our final destination, at least in this physical body, but it does not mean the our mind need to surrender without a fight, that our will should bend from further accomplishing the impossible or the least to fulfill our wishes and dreams. before the final curtains.
A friend recently asked me how i keep up my enthusiasm in creating as an artist or even keeping on writing this Blog year in day out. I told him him simply, what else is there to do otherwise. It is like facing a battle cry all the time as one rides into the faces of the enemy letting out wild screams from deep within you knowing that you will be dropped anytime by the bullet aimed at you, you just have to make the final scream as loud and as full of passion as you can and impale yourself into the inevitable that awaits you like the Thorn Bird. This is the passion of an artist, a warrior, a monk. To face the unknown fully conscious and with full vigor even when there is lack of energy or commitment. To transcend one's own weaknesses and face that challenge even if it means utter defeat in the final analysis; to not give in.
What is Art/ He asked me, and I replied, it is creating. When you start creating even a single line on a piece of paper, it is Art; if not No Art. Talk all you want and critique all you wish about Art, still; No Art. Art is in Making it Happen. So is life in essence, it is in living and living is not merely in counting your change if it is more that you need or if you have more than others, life it is more than what meets the eyes. Living is ideally, in being Creative and Productive, Loving and Compassionate, towards yourself and mostly towards others. it is in the ability to Live and let live, in giving and taking, in knowing and understanding and most of all in getting to Know who you are. Living life without these attributes is like cattle grazing in the lush full fields getting fattened for the butcher's knife.
As I have often enough reminded myself and others patience is an impeccable virtue that one cannot afford to neglect or take  lightly in whatever matter one is involved in. Patience wear down all tensions and defuses all anger and if taken seriously can make wonders materialize in their proper time and moments. Many fail to grasp this and often flounder around in despair after learning the errors of rushing into matters before taking the deep breath and refraining from making rash moves without contemplating its significant and consequences. The human mind is capable of multi tasking and multi-layering of events and options in the process of getting anything done and it is only in how we are able to understand and use this ability like we utilize the Adobe Web tool, the more we learn the larger the significance of its use we find. We are religious, scientific, technological, and poetic creatures all wrapped into one, but we chose only what we feel is our field of virtue and neglect the rest, thinking that the Artist and the Scientist, the Savant and the Monk cannot coexist in one individual's mind. 
The mind that has evolved for millions of years, (according to science), is limitless to the the extent of its owner's knowledge and ability to understand what is thoughts in relation to the mind. We all think, but what we are capable of thinking is never the same just as our DNA is never the same in each and every one of us. It is said that thoughts creates our environment, the world that we live in and if this is so, how do we manage to think of so much inequity and discord, crimes and destruction, waste and most of all untold suffering among us? Is our Collective thinking so warped and distorted that we cannot find a solution to our miseries anymore through Right Thinking. It is indeed a sad thing thing to even think about.

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