Saturday, May 28, 2016

Life in SF in sketches.-H&H Ship and Environmental Services

The comfort of Home- not much but its home.Sometime in 1992 ans somewhere in SF.

Thanks Giving Day and we are still working! I was the 'Yard Boss of this whole Facility located on China basin and third Street which is now the SF Giants Baseball Park.

The Journals were my constant companion as i keep track of what was going on at work as well as at home.
in my mind as well as in my heart. This was my form of meditation in action. No one at my work ever complained that i sketch and draw and as a matter of fact i was constantly encouraged to do so by my fellow workers and even my employers as it kept them guessing what i would come up with next.

Christmas eve and we are still on the job! The Artist in me just could not resist.My way of taking a kick at my bosses who could not care less for the employees welfare even when it was Chrisrtmas. It cost s fortune ti cut a quarter inch thick metal plate in terms of Aceteline gas and not to mention time wasted.

What's life without a touch of creativity? Most truck drivers thought themselves to 'Hotshots' but one or two saw the beauty in what they were doing

I worked on the Water Front close to Hunter's point, SF.for six the Yard Supervisor for H&H Ship and Environment Services. Yes, been there and done that. This was where i would escape to have my lunch. Pier 70 or also known as the Dry Dock is seen in the far background. I used to cut hundreds of Underground Storage tanks there when we were oveloaded with tanks that came from all over the Western Seaboard of the United States. H&H was one and only company back then that was capable of disposing off these obsolete tanks and i was in charge.

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