Thursday, May 05, 2016

Making your way to the end.

In truth nothing much will ever change about who you are and how far or how near you have arrived at who you think you aught to be. Anger, pain envy, happiness, joy, love and sorrow etc., they come and go and you the constant will endure them as they materialize and then keep moving on till your demise. Just when you think you have it all under control the floor opens up from under you and you find yourself slip sliding down into the rabbit hole and you end up wondering, what happened? What went wrong, what was not enough? This is life in the physical realm where the mind has created a persona of who you are or think you are. In this realm you are a victim of ignorance or delusions. You identify yourself with what the mind has created for you where nothing is real but mind stuff.
You exist in a bubble that can be popped at any moment and leave you exposed to the realities created by the billions of mental state that have evolved upon this Planet and not all are creative and productive and most are out to enslave you for their own purpose and well being. You are here on this earth merely as a part of a food chain albeit that you as humans may occupy the highest of the order. Only the few , those who have totally awaken themselves to this realization have the means to set themselves free from this bondage. Sometimes it take the effort of bursting the bubble again and again, exposing oneself time and again in order to learn to understand the nature of one's prison. This is the prison that has been built from the day you were born as layer upon layer of veils is being added upon you in the beginning as a form of safety net that later becomes a survival technique that eventually turns into a religious belief system.
If you live past sixty years of age as I have you will begin to recognize the repetitious and recurring nature of your developed or evolved 'mindset.' You might think you have become wise and transcended beyond ignorance and penetrated the delusion along the way; no you have merely moved into the next phase of growing old while your mind still holds you in check as to how or why you react to this external world around you. The moment your bubble is busted you will find yourself naked before all your past ghosts leering and mocking you for thinking that you have succeeded in liberating yourself from your own mental formations. You find out that you are still a prisoner of your own deluded mind and that of the collective mind around you.
How to free yourself from this predicament? Back to the Zafuton and sit. Sit like a robot and maintain absolute silence not reacting to anything that arises nor removing anything that you don't like; just bare attention. Do this as often as you can, Insha'Allah, you might find the answer if you are genuinely interested in looking for a way out of this cycle of LIfe-Death-Rebirth; the Cycle of Ignorance. However if your life is comfortable and you feel you have earned it by hard work and dedication and there is no need for change, then much power to you as you have become comfortably numb to existence around you. You have solve your problems but blind to those of others as well as the environment if not the fate of the Planet itself. You have become the fattened cow that is plodding its way to the butcher's block just like the rest of us; only you find happiness in it.   

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