Saturday, May 28, 2016

Life in SF in Sketches- H&H Ships and Environmental Services.-1992.

Safety First at H&H Ships and Environment Services, 220 China Basin, SF. Ca. This site is now being replaced by the  SF GIANTS Baseball Park. I spent six years of my life on this water front mostly as a yard Supervisor and in charge of the USTD cutting operation.

The small river that runs into the bay from the Third Street Draw Bridge.

H&H Serves the Naval vessels when they come into port at Alameda

Advertizing our 'Vector Service' and Tank cleaning operation.

All our scrap metals were taken to Schnitzer's  across the bay in Oakland for sale and disposal.

At Fifth and Folsom where i do the family's laundry. Right across from the Golden gate park It was run by a Hispanic family.

H&H grew from a 'Fly by night' operation into a multi-million dollar  industry. From a company that had a fatal accident and was on the verge of being shut down to a company that serves the SF, bay Area Emergency Respond Team  with HAZMAT capabilities.

I have climbed inside this vacuum truck enough times to clean it, I have a grand idea of what it looks like inside one of these.

Occasional trip to the Beach at Sunset Blvd.

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