Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I Am That I AM.

To put one's 'Practice into action in this life is not a simple matter as it takes a whole lot of ability and dexterity in being able to act selflessly as well as spontaneously without any preconception of making an effort to act; it just has to happen. This will only materialize if and when the mind is silenced through, (practice). Spontaneous action 'erupts' or happens without premeditated thinking and when it takes place something new and exciting if not, 'Mind Boggling' materializes that even the doer is caught by surprise. This 'explosion', a instant reaction to any given situation often manifests itself when one is dire need of a solution, or in a state of danger or being threatened physically of mentally or when one is in a position to act for the benefit of someone else's safety. To be in this state of mind I find one has to be in close contact with one's consciousness or more like one is constantly in a 'fully conscious state'of ' Being.
The mind or more accurately the, the consciousness we all have within us is the most powerful tool, (next to God). We have been urged and impressed upon by those Ancient Masters to develop this state of consciousness, to become enlightened to, to master the ability to put it into action in all that we do. In short we have been taught from the beginning to not allow ourselves to sleep walk through our lives like zombies or become just 'grist for the mill' or a part of cog and screw for a machine;we are the machine. We are the creators of the cog and screws that makes the machine run, we    provide the coding system that the computer may function to our needs and not the other way round. We are more than just exploiters and manipulators utilizing what is already created to suit our needs, it is our duty to transcend beyond what is already there and manifest what is original and primordial from our inner being.


Just as the miner sheds his blood sweat and tears digging through the mountain side in seeking that perfect diamond, it is our duty to dig deep within ourselves to find that trophy trough where all things manifest from and share our discovery with humanity in each and every way we possibly can. Otherwise life is but a dream and dreamers often awakens to a nightmare at the end of the day. Whatever guise we have taken to be identified as a member of our society, the human race, we must strive to share our self discovery, our intuitions our, insights with those around us, right or wrong, let  
the rest of humanity be the judge and only time can tell. No matter how small or insignificant the revelation we receive from our inner being, given at the right moment and circumstances, it will make a difference; it might even move mountains. 
If one is to be a dreamer in this life, dream big, dream a glorious dream that the mind can conjure up with and even if it is all an illusion at least the joy of dreaming such a dream is worth the impending nightmare when it comes. In my teenage years i was accused of being a dreamer than none other, my oldest brother, my English teacher and the man who shaped my life at that time in my life when I was beginning to figure out what I was all about. I dreamed of far off distant lands of snow covered mountains and endless desert sand, depth-less oceans and thick rain forests all over the world and today i dare say i have been there and done it. Sometimes out of the sheer need to escape from the reality that was choking my very life I loose myself into my dreams and most of my dreams in the past has manifested themselves in reality through out my life.
For dreams to become reality, for fantasy to become a way of life, for wishful hopes and thoughts to manifest in our lives we have to learn how to make it happen. We have to seek out the tolls the ways and means the secrets of the ages as handed down from the first man who thought about  such notions, the Man who sat and stared at the stars and wondered at the entrance to his cave: Who Am I? Is there a Creator out there or am I the creator of my own Universe? If i do not exist would there be this! Perhaps! But who is there to be the witness to all these if I am not? I AM THAT, I AM?

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