Monday, May 30, 2016

Delivering the Message

Art Education has a very deep and significant meaning in my life especially when i was in the primary school where my artistic talents was what had saved me from being totally destroyed by what was supposed to help me become a well educated man. I had a Love hate relationship with my schooling through my life until i was admitted to study in College at the University of Wisconsin- Green bay, 

Where Art played the role of my Saving Grace, maths was a horror to look forward to ; I hated math classes with a passion as much as I loved Art passionately. I talked of my childhood experiences to a small group of people mostly walk ins and it was as though i was talking to myself, recounting the agony and ecstasy of growing up as an artist. .
One of the misfortune of being talented or 'born to be able to draw' was becoming the brunt of envies and frowned upon by those who have no such abilities. When you become the center of attention whenever you are doing your work you peers, your friends and fellow students treat you with disdain or even reject you. This was what i learned at an early age while attending, Francis Light, Primary School in Georgetown, Penang.

I stuck it out despite the fact that during my maths periods i was practically abused by my teachers to the point of taking of my pants and marching off to the Principal's office with my pants on my head to be caned for not remembering my multiplication tables. However comes the end of the year as 'Parent's day approaches, i was kept back in school to do life-size figures of captain Francis Light . the founder of Penang to be hung on the wall. I was not slow in my other subjects as i often enopugh walk up the stage to receive the,'First General Merit award for being first in class and the highest scorer in English and Intelligence test scores and not mention Art itself. I remember lugging stacks of books home at the end of Parent's Day, the awards i received.

Throughout my Secondary Education i went through the same trauma with maths classes, but only then i stood my ground and told my maths teacher that i was wasting his time and and mine and to allow me to leave the class. My math teacher was understanding enough to allow me this freedom. Education took on a whole new meaning when i was invited to join the University of Wisconsin by a  friend who thought that i had what it takes. Through counseling, i breezed through my Maths SAT test with flying colors that even shook my Maths Instructor. My five years of college life was beautiful; again Art came to my rescue from a broken man who worked eleven to twelve hours in the packing houses in Wisconsin, a drunk and divorced man to who I am today.

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