Tuesday, May 24, 2016

All is as It should be.

As I have rarely come upon a living Guru or teacher that I can look up to or learn a thing or two from in my daily relationship with those i encounter, I have resorted to reflecting more upon the thoughts of thinkers via the You Tube in the Internet. It is a blessing as i have time and again emphasized the fact that the Internet is the latest of Divine Miracles for humanity while at the same time it can be the curse that would tear the fabric of our existence to shreds.The amount of information spewed out by the Internet is beyond phenomenal and yet it has also revealed the amount of ignorance that we as humanity is made up of when it comes to sharing and dispatching this information. Like everything that has grown out of proportion the Internet too needs policing in order to curb wrong and harmful usage for self aggrandizement, political mileage and religious props. It is not wrong to say that the abuse of the Internet usage has become alarmingly scary for it is available to every nook and cranny around this planet and to the good as well as the bad and the ugly; knowledge at the fingertips.
I do not have to look far, my son half his days facing the PC in his room that it does not make difference to him if he is surrounded by all kinds of garbage from half leftovers and empty plastic bottles, a can full of cigarette buts and a bed that has not seen the laundry for weeks on end. It is as though  he believes that it is his calling in life to be hunched over the PC browsing every single series on You Tube, chat with all his friends on Face Book and play the latest Video Games available while downloading movies and mini series like Games of Thrones from the beginning to the latest season, Like any father who has to raise his children without the mother i keep telling myself, and this too will pass. I keep accepting the fact that he will find what he is looking for eventually and that it will happen sooner than later; looks like he is aiming at becoming a screen writer! So i accept his good as well as bad habits and give him the benefit of the doubt that he will find himself somewhere down the road even if it is through the Internet.
The Internet has become my major Guru like every one else's and i seek advice from all the contemporary Gurus on You Tube to confirm my own thought processes and that i am not too far off from their line of thinking on subjects that i have deep interest in. Alan Watts as i have time and again mentioned is one of those and J. Krishnamurti, Mooji and Ekhart Tolle and the host of other Teachers from the past. What I learn on the street is through watching and with bare attention in so much as not getting myself sucked into what is but merely being a witness to events in the moment in time. I find that as i remove myself getting involved too intimately or become too familiar with any circumstances happening before me i loose the hold these events or happenings has on me. I am more free to be present just as an observer and only allow myself to be involved if and when it is called for.
It has taken a good part of my life to come to this simple realization but it is never too late to practice what is Right Attention.
Instead of allowing my mind to wonder around like a parasite feeding on every phenomenon or like a sponge absorbing all that it comes in contact with, pure or filth, i am finding myself less and less distracted from focusing on what is right before me and letting it go right after it is past...and this too will pass. The good and the ugly distinction has lost its discriminating effect and everything or event, every episode and experience has become just as it is, nothing more and nothing less to add or subtract from; All is as it should be. 


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