Monday, April 18, 2016

The right Way to Die?

To continue my train of thoughts from my previous entry about being able to die fully conscious and in control of one's faculties would be a miracle and defies all logic. Fear is the key factor and to be able to overcome alone does not mean that one is there or one has attained liberation from the cycles of life, death and rebirth. There numerous other factors to take into consideration, like what if you die in the hospital with all kinds of tubes sticking into you pumping all kinds of different drugs to keep you from howling in pain? Your mind has been drugged and being under sedation there is little of you left to even think of what death means or what lies beyond. What if you die being shot in the street or run over by a speeding truck? No time to think there either, so you just are gone, separated from your physical self and where you end up as a result is still a question no one has the full answer to except what is written in the scriptures, the Quran or the Bible or the various other Holy scriptures like the Vedas and the Tibetan Book of he Dead. Your choice of read. 
Or you have faith in what you are told or taught by your elders, those who hold knowledge of the spiritual nature in your culture, like the Shaman and the Medicine man. In societies where the organized religions have found its way into, death is a great mystery governed by fear and out of this fear is the respect for life; we call it superstitions. Those who live in the forest or far off places not touched by the so called modern civilization including its religious schools and psychological and analytical thoughts are very close to the death experience as their lives are a constant challenge of trying to stay one step ahead from it, day and night, from moment to moment; death comes with no explanation. 
Among my Chinese friends I find death as a taboo subject to chat about, just simply don't think about it, (too much). Among my Muslim friends and relatives, the older one gets ad as death approaches one's doorsteps, the more pious one becomes.
There is no way of Figuring out what is the right approach when it comes to the subject of death. 


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