Monday, April 18, 2016

No- Dual Thinking Mind

The closest i can come to as an answer when trying to deal with death is to live life to the fullest and understand every aspect of living within and without, one's self. This what it means to know who you are, to be fully cognizant of your origin and what you are inherently made up of. Scientifically, spiritually, mentally physically; who Am I? Who is asking? Who is making all these observations? Who is making al these errors? The journey towards self realization is not merely a philosophical idea, or a religious doctrine, it is your own personal investigation towards finding your higher and true self; that which is 'Deathless.'
Not because it is written or or prophesied, nor because some great friend or Guru told you so, not because an Imam shouted it out from the pulpit, nor because your mind has come to its own conclusion; it must be from your heart of hearts that felt it so. The one facing death will ultimately be only you and only you can overcome the fear of death itself. When you have come to a complete self realization of who or what you are in relation to the 'Whole' or the 'One', you will know that you are nothing but the source itself, that you belong to the source; that which you originate from. "I, Am No More!" I never was and will never be I am merely a manifestation of the 'Whole', the Universe, God, or call it what you may- even 'The Force.' But when your time is up or when your journey ends as this human form, when your physical self is separated from your 'consciousness', as a being, you are empty of your own self, you are perhaps 'absolute consciousness' itself'. You become One with or merged into the Absolute.
Hence the cessation  'Dual thinking Mind', the conditioned mind that sees itself as an entity of its own that is separated from the rest of existence itself; the Whole.

  • Advaya, the nonduality of conventional and ultimate truth in Madhyamaka Buddhism, or nonduality of relative and Absolute reality in Chinese Buddhism. In Buddhist Madhyamaka it means that there is no absolute, transcendent reality beyond our everyday reality, and while things exist, they are ultimately "empty" of any existence on their own.[5][6] In Chinese Mahayana it means that there is no absolute difference between the relative world and "absolute" reality. In Yogacara, it refers to the idea of nondualism of cognition and that which is cognited.- Wikipedia.
  " There is an ayat in Quran that says words to the effect that a mirage is seen in the desert, and you see a water and are thirsty, you go toward it and then you find nothing, and then it says There you find Allah. If we understand that Being is like a mirage of Maya, Mara, Dukkha, and Dunya, then what we find is where there is nothing, i.e. the Mirage is empty. Then it is precisely where we recognize the emptiness of Illusion that we find Allah." 'QUORA -Kent Palmer.

In short and simplistic way of saying it, I cannot worship God, that would make two of us, the me and God, this is shirik in Islam, when there are two. I have to seize to be and there is only God in existence. The i have become non=existent, "I, Am no more!"  Not only is my physical body dead but so is my soul and all that is - being me. It is said that if one dies as a Muslim with the profess that 'There is no God. only Allah as one's final words,' one is assured of heaven in the afterlife. This is what Muslims in general hold on to as their faith in Allah but the Sufis in Islam have a different view and theirs are more in the non-dualistic way approaching the religion worth understing.

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