Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Why Worry?

It has been awhile now that I have sat to seriously reminisce my life thus far and there is no special reason for it other than the fact there is little to reminisce about. Whatever there is of life there is really little to be excited about as the global as well as local situation keeps spiraling downwards towards its own demise or so it seems. Try as I may to trump up a more cheerful image of life i still find myself sinking like in a quicksand with little to cling on to. So, for those who have been following this Blog expecting to find some pearls of wisdom, i offer my apologies and let us hope that there will be a silver lining at the end of this dark tunnel we are all going through. 
We are living in dark times and i hope that we are fully awaken to this fact and not go on living in denial and make believe that all is okay and that tomorrow the sun will rise and the rain will fall. For one thing the rain is not falling, well at least not in my neck of the woods and we are running out of water as most of the dams are dried up.It is in a way a good wake up call for all the various government departments responsible for the sources and water supplies the country depends on. There is a Malay saying,"Siap payung sebelum hujan'" or ready the umbrella before it rains. Malaysians are known for allot of sayings but we are also known for a whole lot of nothing doing. As it is there is still a great deal of foot dragging getting the country set to face the inevitable except perhaps some prayers being performed in mosques and temples to ask for rain from God. Perhaps we might even a native American rain dancer or two to help with the cause.
With the latest revelation by the Panama Leaks, corruption is ever on the rise from top to bottom in just about every corner of the planet where you find humans. Even as the prime Minister of Iceland is being made to resign his post there many others who shamelessly cling to their power despite the fact that they have been proven of similar guilt, exploiting and manipulating the masses with their money not their own but the people's. my country is in the forefront of this gamut. Malaysia is headed for a big splash and it is not going to be water but against a hard rock and when it does happen as it is bound to, heavens have mercy on us all. The Vision 2020 that has been our target of achieving economic stability and developed nation status will become a nightmare that all of us rich and poor alike are dreading deep in our hearts but too scared to admit openly. We are best when living in denial. It is not happening in my backyard, so why worry?


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