Monday, April 11, 2016

Eat, Sleep, Shit- sit and watch the grass grow.

My body, my mind my spirit, my soul and who am I? As i get older conversations carried out around me more than often hits the health department where Diabetes and high blood pressure being the main topic of interest. i try to avoid being sucked into the details of someone else's blood or sugar counts and don't really know what mine is like but i am contented to keep an open awareness of my physical self in accordance with my mental as well as spiritual self. If I can maintain a good working balance on all this, I feel i am perfectly healthy; the minor aches and pains are just worn out parts from years of use and abuse. 
I love myself, my body, mind and spirit or whatever have you that spells, Me. I am not perfect, far from it I have made numerous errors in life that by right i should not be allowed to keep on living. There should be a law against people like me for just being who I am, or who I think i am. My mental and health clinical track records are not that impressive but i might say above average seeing that i have put myself through the grind over the years of my adult existence; been there, done that more than the average John Doe. Originally creeping out of the mud-hole in a  mangrove swamp to flying Emirates Air Business Class from Malaysia to Rome via Dubai at the cost of next to nothing, i have been places and proud to say so now. On looking back I should be proud of my long and winding road towards being who I am or should i say becoming who i am. If my son had not revoked the privilege, i could be flying First Class on Emirates Air, but that is another story.  
I told my daughter while having dinner at McDonald's yesterday that i had envisioned how my children would look like when i was a teenager and believe that the mind is powerful enough to create its own image of what it wants with proper instructions to do so. I am positive that this has happened at least in the physical sense, if not mental. never overlook the power of suggestion in the workings of the mind, I told her. If the mind is trained to think creatively, nothing can stand in its way except a negative thought. Human consciousness is the frontier that is least understood and its potential is not fully utilized by most of us. It is still considered under the topic of mumbo- jumbo where most people are concern. The power that is inherent within our consciousness is beyond our ability to comprehend unless it is being put under the microscope of intense scrutiny and allowed to manifest with patience and guidance. For anything to manifest through our consciousness will take time ad it has to run through the process of restructuring our preconditioned mental states; our conditioned belief system.
Once I have suggested to my mind an idea or a thought process consciously, i set in motion a whole gamut of restructuring of my mental state from the molecules of atoms to the brain cells, the physical body to the external environment and this process is often subjected to being side tracked or hijacked by other thought processes imposed upon me by the external circumstances. Of these , I have to apply my consciousness in making sure that i remain on track even subconsciously; falling unconscious is detrimental to the process. 
Hence we meditate, some of us, keeping our mind focus and not led astray by external circumstances or mental distractions. Others take up cycling, or jogging or cooking; whatever it may be our daily activity keeps us from being dispersed to the winds of change like helpless children. It is when we loose sight of who we truly are that we become just another nonentity like another brick in the wall. Which is perfectly fine as most of us are happy just the way we are, no questions asked and no answers needed. Eat, Sleep, Shit and sit and watch the grass grow.   

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