Monday, April 25, 2016

Crappy day Blues.

It has been a scorcher for the past few months in Malaysia and the dams are running too low for comfort. Scattered rain showers but not enough to make a dent in the need for water that will soon be running out even for drinking. More and more cold blooded creatures like snakes and crocodiles are found in places that they would normally avoid like apartment complex and parking lots; perhaps looking for water or a cool spot. Tempers are flaring up left and right on the highways and barbershops and its is all accredited to the El Nino factor; whatever that is. All I can say is the globe is warming and it is getting hotter by the day. 
I have a very hard time getting my temper in check too as every attempt i have made towards getting something done is being hampered by walls beyond my perception and control. I am falling asleep, slowly drifting into the never never land of the walking dead where everyone moves around like Zombies and i find myself swimming up river with every attempt i make at getting something creative or positive done. Trying too hard to manufacture stuff out of the blue? or maybe still trying hard to justify my existence. Whatever it is it is not good. Maybe it is the weather, maybe it is just a passing phase or maybe it is just me, I'm just passing through some dark tunnels where there seem to be no light at the end. But i have been through this crap time and again and there is always something there to be dealt with. And this is called life and my mother told me that there'd be days like this.
So what do i opt to do? i write it all down as it is till there is no more to write about and this too will pass. Boredom is an illness that affects the rusty mind and a rusty mind will start to wander and create itself a nuisance getting attached to crap off the internet. or it will become a part of the ongoing nonsensical conversation happening around it. Worse still it will get all uptight and get involved in a fight over who came first into the barber shop. This is how the day has been and it is really not worth reading about but if you too have the same crappy day, hey, why not? The least i could d is to make an entry into my Blog for the day. After all this too is a past of knowing who I am; especially this! 

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