Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Challenges, opportunities, vexations, inspirations, and the rest of it will arise and disappear in the course of a lifetime, it is like riding he roller coaster or sailing the vast ocean. To face the challenges and grab the opportunities, to understand the cause of vexations and act upon the inspirations is the choices we make and act upon as we trudge along taking one step at a time. Giving up is not an option, it is in handling our daily choices that we make that eases the burden we feel that we are carrying upon our backs. Every single thing that happens to us comes from the external via our invitation knowingly or otherwise we crate our own scenario that allows for external events to intrude into our consciousness, most of the time without our knowledge or unconsciously. But holding on to the fact that we are the master of our own destiny all these intrusions can be overcome with 'right understanding' and correct actions to turn what is negative into positive; even just by acknowledging their presence.
A good example just happened even as I am writing this. A moment ago just browsing my face Book account, I lost it while watching a video of some Arab forum or whatever. I am now asked to renew my account because of some 'maleware; issue whatever that is. After years of using the same name and address wiht no problem now i have to make choices... like 'New Password', confirm my mobile number, blah blah blah.So much for Fb as far as I am concern it is history. But such is, I have been sucked into this FB crap and got addicted to it just like billions around the world. NO doubt it has its good side and like everything else in this life it has more ugly sides than good and yet it is a necessary tool if one is sucked into craving for information or so we believe.
In this day and age of instant knowledge we are bombarded with anything and everything we wish to know under the sun, 'the good,the bad and the ugly and anyone who knows how to serf the Internet, is served. It again boils down to choices on how or what is 
 being served and what is being consumed. Most young adult today has to endure the rigorous act of choice making that they are exposed to on the Internet and most have succumbed to its negative exposure and are trapped into a mindless state of absorption that has no limit to what is being taken into their mental state and how the mind reacts to it. From the most gruesome event happening on the street to the most raunchy episodes downloaded by porn groups teenager from the outermost rural areas of the countryside to the heart of the largest cities young adults are being fed daily by images that their parents have no idea whatsoever not too long ago. Choices are thrown out of the window and the mind is fully exposed to elements that even the mind is not capable of handling in some cases.
This is the scenario pretty much that is going on around the globe and it a way it is worse than the AIDS epidemic. There is little that can be done to control such massive exposure of he young human minds to such perverse images, but only through education and proper monitoring by parents; who has the time. Choices have to be made and they are not easy what with the rat race live we are living and this entry itself is like a broken record. self repeating message that is becoming redundant and in time obsolete. hence we make the choices and we live with the consequences, good or bad is a matter of the mind of the beholder.

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