Monday, February 22, 2016

When angry, be angery.

There are times when you just simply have had enough with someone who for no good reason is out to get you and in this case from the facility you have been working from for the past ten years.  Museum Gallery Tuanku Fauziah at USM (MGT)F is like a second home for me for almost ten years now and this is where i get most of my paperwork such as writing this Blog entry done. Almost al the staff members young and old have grown accustomed to my presence here except for one or two who for some odd reason sees my being here as inappropriate or I am not entitled to use the facility as I am not a member of the staff. 
This is what happened last Saturday with one of the staff who for a very long time now has harbored an animosity towards me to the extent that on several occasions he had tried to oust me from using the office space where I am at simply because I am not a staff member. I was in the middle of writing my journal in Bahasa Malaysia I hope to get published through the Museum and generate some income for the University and myself. So I was crossed at this man who is actually the carpenter and handyman for the museum and asked his reason for having this negative feeling towards me. I asked if he gets short changed by my being here, or if i had messed with his wife or dishonor his children or do I owe him any money To all these he said no. So i asked why he has such an attitude towards someone who is actually trying to get something done and has the permission of the Director himself to use this facility, what was his beef? 
I have never felt so much anger flowed so freely out of me towards someone who i know has ill intentions towards me and needed to be put into his place. I simply unloaded all my negative feelings on him that he tried to ask for my forgiveness, but the more he tried to console me the more angry i got so much so the i told him there is no forgiveness for what he has been doing to me for no apparent good reason and he being a good praying five times a day Muslim, what I asked was his excuse. I left the MGTF office feeling like I have unloaded a very long overdue toxic fermentation which I felt better afterwards.
On the other hand i also felt a little guilty for having landed on the guy all the no holds barred blows except for the physical manifestation which would have landed me into an unwonted predicament. So this morning i approached the Director and explained to him what had transpired and apologized but he said he was the one who should be apologizing and further explained that he had insisted that the office not be opened on Saturdays anyway. Then he asked me if i should write my Malay version of my experiences in three volumes instead of one and all was forgotten about Saturday.
The moral of this episode for was, be angry when the need to angry is necessary, if you feel you are being sidelined or insulted be angry and take the stand to let it be known that you are not to be taken for granted with...especially when you are 66.   

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