Thursday, February 18, 2016

For no Rhyme or reason - I write.

Why don't you write in Bahasa Malaysia about your life's experiences, someone asked me at the organic farm and i said that my Malay is not good enough to do so. Have you ever tried? Nope! Well, why don't you? That same evening i started and now i am almost one hundred pages done  and still going at it. my Malay language is not too bad but my mind is; it assumes and accepts perhaps out of having no confidence or sheer laziness. off course i am still crawling to get there but getting there i am. I began writing like i did when I began writing this Blog in 2004-5? I wrote like i speak and over the years the language took on its own style and became what it is today. I write my own style,developed by trial and error over the years and the desire and passion to share my story with others on the same road as i am.
Today I enjoy writing and now i am enjoy writing in two different languages; never a dull moment even if it has not earn me a dime. I will refuse to commit my Bahasa Malayisa version in the the Bogging format as i have lost faith in Google Chrome or whoever or whatever that controls my  present English Version. I tried to earn through their so called 'Adsense' or whatever the hell it is called a few years back and was immediately disqualified accused of cheating. From then on me Blog page has been used to advertise for free by Gooble, gobbling up my share of the take! Well whoever you are or whatever you are Mr.  G.Chrome you have me by the balls and so welcome to my efforts. The truth is I do not even know how to cheat on the matter. Oh I tried to reason it out the best i could but only to get thrown around by a bunch of links and faceless dirtballs that perhaps do not even exist.
There, i let it out of my system about how i feel about the system that seeks to manipulate my life for its own benefit. Writing has been a great healing process for me an as i write i see my mind a little better, how it reacts and functions for every situation and experiences.. I have enjoyed watching my fingers searching for the right keys almost automatically trying to outrun my thinking mind in laying down thoughts. i have been able to remove myself from the act of putting my thoughts down in words like watching a movie of myself. if this is what is called poetry in writing then i am a poet only my thoughts have yet to rhyme. 

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