Friday, February 19, 2016

Drugs-use it or abuse it.

It is Friday and at the mosque the imam talked about drug abuse, it is the state government's script for this week. The sermon's given by the imam is not his own choice, each week a topic is chosen for him to preach about. I wonder if they will  ever come around to talking about mismanagement or poor governance or even corruption at the Friday sermons. What is Islamic take on accountability or integrity when it comes to handling public affairs? Perhaps never, the Friday pulpit is reserved for what the government wants for the masses to hear more propaganda and when they run out of things to spin they take on topics like drugs. Again a reminder at the mosque where i attend the Friday prayer, three quarter of the members in the congregation are Bangladeshis. I seriously doubt they have too much drug issues.
The Imam is a very highly knowledgeable person I know and i think he also has a clinic and maybe in his days has done a variety of drug or two, probably never if you ask him. I am sure he speaks from evidences of those who have been put in jail and one or two who have cut their father or mother to pieces over drug related issues. It is correct to point most drug users are Muslim Malays in this country and that a good percentage of them are young teenagers. Drug is off course addicting and drug addiction has cost millions in all kinds of drug related agencies handling the problem.
Is there any good at all in drug use? Why is the use of drugs always an abuse to those who has never use these drugs? What is the difference between drugs and alcohol and which is more lethal? of course the biggest question is why do people do drugs at all? And if not drugs what do you provide for those whose life is one long track of pain and agony due to the pressures of so called life?
Yes there are more and more walking dead out there and don't even know it and we worship the mind as though it, is the end. 
To some, the drugs are merely to slow down the thinking mind while to others it is to put a stop to it. For those who have no idea what it is all about they preach an end to it. And for those who knows exactly what it is all about, they are the ones who use it to liberate themselves from their mental slavery, even if it is for a moment in time of their daily existence. It is indeed a very thin
line between being a genius and being insane; so you either use it or abuse it or forever remain ignorant of it.

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