Thursday, January 14, 2016

Rest in Peace Junaid.

I arrived at Kuala Terengganu 3 days visiting my family, especially my nephew Junaid who is in critical condition awaiting death to end his lifelong misery having been a drug addict most of his adult life. I took my elder sister to visit her son at the hospital yesterday morning and it was not a pretty sight seeing my nephew with his bulging left eye staring out in fear and his chest hyperventilating as though he was running the hundred meter dash and the look of the silent scream written all over his face. After a while pulling myself together I reached out to talk to him quietly, I realized he was receptive despite the fact that he was left on oxygen and drips only, like he has been written off by the doctors, I am sure they know what they are doing.
I managed to calm him down and even told him to close his eyes and go to sleep instead of struggling out of fear. i talked him into surrendering to the Lord and to make his peace with the inevitable; how do you tell someone that he is dying. He seemed to calm down and slowly closed his eyes like he was falling asleep while his breathing slowed down. I revisited hi later that night accompanied by my close friend here, Mohammad Rafi and I noticed that my nephew had changed somewhat in his expression. I talked to him softly again and noticed that his left eye that was staring out of fear that morning has now become serene and bright almost childlike. His right eye seems to be infected but he showed no concern about anything anymore; I felt peaceful with him too..and my friend Rafi noticed the communication between us and told me he was impressed.
My trip was made possible by my friend Ah Huat the Auto Air Conditioning Artist. Ah Huat when I reached his place immediately asked me where I wanted to go as soon as he crawled from underneath a car he was working on. I was surprised like how did he know that i have been desperately figuring out how to come here to Terengganu and be with my sister in her times of need. I told him my intention ad immediately he started getting the car ready for the trip and ended up with replacing the two hind tires with new ones and on top of that handed me RM150 for my pocket money just in case. I said nothing except thank you and left the same evening driving the familiar East West highway no more in my little Kancil but an Ishwara  fully automatic; thank you Lord and thank you Ah Huat. 
It was a relaxing drive with the larger and automated Ishwara with that more solid feeling of being on the road instead of floating upon it like when I drove the Kancil. The weather was nice all the way and so I made good time and I also realized that my night time driving days are coming to and end as i found it much easier to drive in the daytime. My eyesight are no more what they used to be too and so I have to slow down and stay within my age group of driving habits; no more risk taking unnecessarily. The fuel consumption however is almost double of what it would take if I was driving the Kancil.
This evening on  I was informed that my nephew had passed away and that he will be laid to rest early tomorrow morning. Thus passed one wasted life that has caused so much pain and anguish to all those who cared for him especially his mother, my sister. The world is filled with such persons who reminds one of the fact that there is so much pain out there and most are self created. My nephew I felt had accepted the fact that his time had arrived but he was also scared out of his mind when i first saw him on the hospital bed; i assisted him the best i could to make it easier for him to face the reality of his moment. MAY Allah be MERCIFUL ON HIM.

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