Friday, January 01, 2016



This is the first morning of a new day, a new week, a new month and a New Year; fare thee well 2015 and hello 2016. It has been one long drag of a year 2015 has been for most people nationally as well as internationally; I would not consider it to be one of the most prosperous year of my life. What happened? What went down? There is no point in looking back and recapping the whole year's events but the most highest moment or lowest, depending on how you look at it was in having to deal with my daughter's career moves from one job to another. It was a period of my being a father to her and how i handled her needs and how she reciprocated to my ways. it was not and easy year for both of us but it was a very good learning experience and i believe it also to be very fruitful. We have been able to come to see eye to eye of each other's ways as well learned to love and respect more between father and daughter.
Through her experience in the contemporary work place such as the Gala Restaurant and after the The Merchant Hotel here in Georgetown, I have come to respect her gumption about not willing to work for others anymore and wanting to do what she really cares about in her life. After quitting the Hotel, she was offered a manager's position to run a restaurant with a good salary but she turned it down and chose to flip burgers instead. She is doing this so that she can attend a seamstress class in the day time that will help her into becoming a fashion designer. So far so good. It is going to be a long haul but she seems happy and what is more important she is enthusiastic about it all.
Close friends the Western Food Corner chef.

 Her enthusiasm has affected me personally too and i find myself fulfilling my namesake and that being the "Cheeseburger Buddha' as i become her helper. 
A whole new experience opens up as we prepare burgers for customers who are mostly Chinese at the predominantly Chinese food court. I get to meet characters that i normally would not have any reason to even for a brief moment and i also got to know better our fellow vendors selling all kinds of food around us.
 The 'Ikan Bakar' BBQ Fish Lady.
Our neighbor the Satay Lady.

The New Year will I hope be a more productive one for all of us as we stroll along our individual paths towards what lies ahead and in store for us. As it is I feel fortunate that all three of us including my son Karim are hanging out together doing our own thing while helping out in any way we can to make it all come together for whatever each aspires to accomplish. I am happy that we can share what little we have and enjoy each other's company while it last.
For whatever it is worth, here is wishing all the Very best of a Happy new Year from us, 'The Baharis'.

Whatever it is - Let's make It Happen!


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