Saturday, January 16, 2016

On the Road to Meet death.

Death is something we all work towards having some form of understanding of in one form or another albeit in the form of a spiritual practice or a scientific explanation, in religious faith or philosophized belief. We create all kinds of excuses and and justifications towards why we do what we do in our lives when in actual fact we are all in one way or another making sure that when the time arrives for us to leave this life we know what or why and especially the how we can get through the process without freaking out of our minds. As it is most of us live in denial, why think about the inevitable we say to ourselves, when it happens , it happens, whether we are ready or prepared for it or not it happens. It is a blessing for those who can breeze through life and take on death with same similar attitude, but most of us cannot; we will fight for our lives.
Our subconscious mind has a build in system whereby death is a major topic that affects everything that we do or every decision that we make whether we realize it or not and no matter how trivial or insignificant the case may be, death is ever there as a factor perhaps unknowingly. Fear of death has kept man from taking life too lightly, mortality and the state of unknown of what lies beyond in the after life (if there is such a thing even) for some, is man's enigma. Hence the moment of death is the most critical moment of life itself; it is the sum total of what living was all about. There are those who dies willingly and those who will fight tooth and nail or even sell their souls to the devil to avoid death. No matter your origin or religious affiliations, your wealth or poverty, no matter your power or glory in life, you will face the eventuality of death and the question is are you prepared for the final cut.
It is with is in mind that the ancients, the masters, the saints and prophets, the yogis and the gurus have put some form of practice, some form of system for man to learn and understand for himself as a tool for his salvation when the moment arrives for him to meet the angel of death. In Islam it is in total and absolute submission to the Will of Allah, in Buddhism it is in letting go of the 'self' and embracing the infinity of what is. The discipline and the practice of most religions is to silence the thinking mind and as it is impossible to accomplish this especially in moments of facing death, thoughts are replaced by something greater than mind; a faith in something greater than life itself.
Death is not the end of consciousness, it is the total liberation of the entire content of the human consciousness when all barriers are being lifted and dam break loose where the mind itself is no more restrained by individual's sense of who he is and what he understands of himself. If he has always been the ignorant, fear ridden, guilt conscious, a man who has lived his life devoid of knowledge or understanding, then death can and will be a frightening event. However there are many of those who make it their life's quest to seek the truth about the mysteries of life and death, to these death is something to look forward to; it is part of the spiritual adventure that they have led.   

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