Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What is Pure Consciousness.

What is it to be human? Why do we call ourselves human beings? No matter who we are where we are or on this planet, how young or old how smart or stupid how beautiful or ugly, we are all human beings or Homo Sapiens. 
Homo sapiens (Latin: "wise person") is the binomial nomenclature (also known as the scientific name) for the only extant human species. Homois the human genus, which also includes Neanderthals and many other extinct species of hominid; H. sapiens is the only surviving species of the genus Homo. 
We are a surviving specie that can call itself 'Wise' for our ability to think, to feel, to experience and share our experience with our fellow species. We are capable of Love and Hate, sorrow and joy and we can tell the difference between what is right and what is wrong; we are the thinking species on this planet. 
Some believe like all else in this Universe, we have evolved while other believe that we were 'placed upon this planet by a higher or greater Being or our Creator at some point in the history of this planet and were made to propagate and become nations all over the face of this earth. We are even said to be 'sent' down to inhabit this planet from above or a higher dimension of existence along with the rest of those who for one reason or another sent down with us to become not only inhabitants but as caretakers of this Planet. Whatever the reason or circumstances may have been, whatever the cause that had led us to become who we are today, we as humans have become a specie that is on the verge of our own demise; we have become 'self destructive' and along with this nature we are also destroying all that is around us. In short we are robbing ourselves of our humanity.
How and why we have reached such a state in our history is anyone's theory and thoughts, anyone's views and perception and thus far none can say what really has happened to us throughout our historical existence; like where did we go wrong? Why have become so self destructive and predatory worse than the wild creatures of the planet. We have buried layer upon layer of civilizations as archaeologists and science is beginning to uncover and most are brought to extinction through self annihilation of wars. What is disturbing in this day and age is that if and when the next holocaust occurs it will have the capacity to wipe out not only one civilization or tribe but the whole specie itself and most probably taking along the rest of planet's sentient beings.
Is there any chance hat Man can reverse his fortune, take control of his fate or even become a Master of his destiny. How or What would it take for Man to see that he is the cause of his own inevitable demise? How much more can history reveal to him that he may discover the causes and remedy the effects of past experiences and how much more must he endure before he realizes that it is within his reach to help and heal this splintered soul of his and make it whole again just as the Universe itself needs this positive energy to heal; man is causing the Universe to expand for as long as he looks out for the solution to his predicament. Tremendous amount of energy is used up when projected externally and the energy is dissipated as it expands into emptiness or void of space. It is like the breathing out of the Universe into space. Man needs to reverse this process by looking within, working from within, into his inner 'Universe' where energy is conserved and sustained to create more energy for creation itself. 
Like the engine of a vehicle, the human physical form is like a generator that houses a power to drive the engine and thus create motion. The intake valve is more important than the exhaust and it requires greater care that it is constantly clean and well balanced where the elements of air and fuel, fire and water are concern. I am no mechanic but it is in my limited understanding that if any component of the basic element is out of proportion the engine will not function ideally. This is the 'breathing in' aspect of the human physical function, this is the source of the energy that governs all internal as well as external. Breath, as I have always emphasized in the past is the key to all creation. Like a swinging door, it swings in when you breath in and swings out when you breath out, if you stop, you are dead; the Universe cease to exist.
Hence what impact have you upon the Universe as Homo Sapiens? Individually perhaps it is impossible to make any dramatic claim, however collectively, as a whole, as one unified entity, the human element is the 'Force that shapes our Universe.' Some call this Unified whole, God, some call Yaweh or Jehovah while others may call It Allah (SWT), while yet others may call it simply The Force. or Pure Consciousness. Most are not even aware of what it is all about much less care to find out. It is this ignorance of the vast majority of the species that has led Man down the path of self destruction.


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