Wednesday, December 30, 2015

When all is said and done..

There are times or moments in your life when you feel like it is all for nothing really, wealth, friendship, the good life all the beautiful things that life has to offer; it is all clouds in an empty sky. There are moments if your life when it all makes a whole lot of sense as all your dreams and aspirations comes together and life is like a rainbow bridge over troubled with a pot of gold waiting at the other end. Whenever you feel high like kite know that it too will come to an end when there is no wind or the string snaps and whenever you feel low know that the next wave that comes along will lift you up and take you for a wild exhilarating ride of your life; just be aware and ready when this happens. And this too will pass as the Sufi Master, Naseruddin is said to have said whenever in a good or bad situation.
You are merely riding the wave or simply put surfing the crest of the wave avoiding getting sucked down into the deep as you traverse life's busy highways. You can stop by and admire the roadside attractions or even settle down for a bit if you find it worth you while and then move on when it seems like you are getting to mired into the detours you have taken. You try not to let yourself get sucked into the riptide that is pulling you towards the distant rocks and crush you to pieces before you know it. This is Life's busy highway that most of us passes through in our everyday life, some in deep sleep while others in zombie modes and very few in a state of awakened awareness. We barely read the caution signs anymore as it passes by and before we know it we end up in a dead end wondering where we took the wrong turn. By the time we realize that all these roads and highways are there to lead us on towards our own demise in one form or another it is too late and we find ourselves running out of steam to make any significant changes; "Oh my God, and I worked all my life for this?!" 
Most of us will let our last breath out with deep regrets over things that we were not able to do or things we have done which we should not have; such Is. There will always be something that is is not fulfilled or completed, there will always be unresolved issues or matters left not reconciled like between loved ones or siblings. The man who departs from this life with no qualms about leaving this life for any reason is one who has lived fully with no baggage to carry with him nor any wanting. He has found ultimately who he is and who he has been all along that there is no more to seek for or questions to be answered; there is only letting go.  

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