Thursday, December 10, 2015

'Just Do It!'

If you truly love your country protect your land and its resources. Do not become a part of the problem but become the guardian that you are supposed to be as written in most sacred text for mankind. It is as simple as that failing which you are nothing but a hypocrite if you insist that you are patriotic and willing to die for your country. The earth needs our protection and its never too late for us to heal whatever that has been subjected to it by human ignorance and hubris. The fact that we came out of it and will return to it in the physical sense should be a a good reminder for us all that we owe it to ourselves if not the future generations to keep this planet that is our only place of habitat in good form for as long as we can. It may sound naive and simplistic but it is the simple truth that cannot be denied and deny it at our own peril sooner than later. The voices of concern from the scientific and research institutes internationally are calling out to us to wake up before it is too late to the fact that our planet is in peril. The fact that we are digging our own funeral at a steady pace is as clearly spelled out as could ever be and only the few are taking any cause for concern over these facts; like Climate change is real and happening.
Hollywood movies has done a very good job at desensitizing our younger generations from being freaked out by future cataclysmic events through their almost realistic depiction of Earth quakes and Tsunamis, tornadoes and volcanic eruptions. Cities and landscapes are shown upended while skyscrapers are wiped out and yet some survived as in all movies to live and tell the tales. We are lulled into false pretenses over what can happen or will happen but just as we become desensitized with wars and violence through movies we become complacent in natural disasters too; it will never happen to us, not in our time and if it does, oh well.  
What can i do? How do i go about getting my hands dirty in order that I may heal the very soil that has been contaminated by years of abuse and apathy. How can i help to clean the rivers or the drains in front of my home? How? The answer is right there in the very act of asking the question, just do it as 'Nike' the brand slogan said it, 'Just Do It!. Star with not polluting or being conscientious in how we dispose off our garbage and the amount of water we use or the conservation of fuel in our need to use our vehicles or not to. Reduction of wastage and recycling of discarded items, all these simple acts of conservation helps more than we really know. Educate our young with mindfulness and awareness of the environmental use and abuse. Give if and when you can afford towards those institutions that strive to work towards environmental conservation, if not financially make it in the form of voluntary work. Become leaders in leading groups to take on the various aspects of environmentally friendly activities, such as growing trees or cleaning up rivers etc.... in short 'Just do it'.

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