Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Clearing the path as we move along.

How much time have you wasted thinking of things that really have no concern or significance to your personal well being? Episodes, people, occurrences, accidents, wrong accusations and reactions, things that you go through in a day, things that sticks to your mind simply because you were exposed to them. These are what occupies your mental states most of the time each playing out their dramas from beginning till the end and then with some additional twists and turns from your mind to make it more acceptable or justifiable or even more exciting than it really is. Most of us do this if not all of us as we strive to fill up the empty spaces in between the line of thoughts that runs through our conscious mind. Our mind especially the minds of those who lives unaware that they even think, is an energy box that never ceases to play each and every episode that crosses its path and if it runs out of them it will create from dreams and consciousness beyond; it is the worse kind of addiction, thinking is.
One way that i find helps me to narrow down the line of thoughts that flows through my mind is to keep on writing my observations of how my mind function. By keeping an on going journal such as this blogging I find it possible for me to at least catch myself thinking up a storm over matters that are really a brew in the tea cup. By keeping an ongoing awareness of what transpires through my mind i am able to sieve through and filter what i feel aught to be focused on more so than others when i am thinking.If I have to put up with an addictive thinking mind that never wants to quit, than I might as well think of more awesome thoughts that helps me to heal myself, mentally, physically as well as spiritually. Through meditation I channel my thoughts more consciously away from wanting to kill my cat or the guy who gave me the dirty looks for no apparent reason or feel anger towards ISIS or the Zionist regime and stay more with how can I heal my lower back pains or flatten my pot belly or help to find a solution to the ills of my society.
Through years of watching and observing and putting to the test of the rights and wrongs in life, I have come realize that at the end of the day it is the little things in life that makes for the greater; the ground you walk upon has to be made solid...this is your Dharma position as the Buddhas calls it. The ground from which you stand and deliver who you truly are, for better or worse. Building this firm foundation from which you stand and deliver your 'sermons' or your deeds is fundamental in all our existence if we are awakened beings, beings that have been exposed to the truths of past Masters, Gurus and Teachers. No man is above or beneath himself in what he chooses to be and the highest order of being is to manifest that which is the Divine in him. Allah has ninety nine Beautiful Names known as  Al Asma Al Husna and these Names are attributes of the Divine Nature of the Al Mighty like the All Compassionate, All Merciful, All Seeing, All knowing and so forth. For man it is in these attributes that he has to aspire to  to emulate and become like his Maker. Allah does not let it be known that He has 99 Beautiful Names for no apparent reason but to give man an example of what to strive for to return to his original being. Hence Muslims are encouraged to Zikr (Meditative chanting) to these names it is my own opinion that it is to help man to realize his inherent nature and strive to regain it for as long as he is alive. Al Insan Kamil, The perfect man, is he who manifest these attributes in his daily actions, he becomes Godly.

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