Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Faith in Allah is holding them together.

There was a time when I read of the Buddha's teaching that made a whole lot of sense in relationship to being detached from the world and its tribulations. The Gautama Buddha was said to have said that, "One has to live in this world as though one is plucking a lotus from the pond and not getting the fingers wet." That is like one is aware of what is happening but is not affected by what is happening. well at least not in the negative sense, my add. Sure it is a living hell in Syria right at this moment with all the brutality that man is inflicting upon his fellow man and there is little that i can do at my age and even if i can i have in all truth no idea who to fight or where i can get myself involved in other than pick up a wounded child or a assist in moving the injured to safety, that is what the Red Crecent or Red Cross is doing. I am very angry as a man at what is going on if not ashamed of being called a human being when I see what is happening around the world but I know i would most probably be right in the middle of it all if i were there myself kicking and killing those i consider my enemy or a threat to me too. 
Gautama also went on to say, "May we exist with the purity of a lotus in muddy waters." Despite all that is going on that is negative it is still our duty to make the best of our own lives like growing out of the bottom of the pond filled with rotting debris and mud to bloom with purity of the lotus flower. I am fully aware that i am existing in a screwed up world that is bound and determined to self destruction but it is still my duty or my call to shine through it all as a witness that through it all Love still prevails and where there is Love and Compassion there is still beauty in existence. As a man i bear witness towards the atrocities man has inflicted upon his fellow man for whatever the reason and wherever the place or country today and I will stand before my Maker on this, but as a man it is also my duty to share Love and Happiness with all those around me so as to help in some small way to fan the cool breeze of Love and Hope among them, This is my small contribution towards healing an already sick planet while also heal my sick heart.
It seems like there is no turning back for mankind than to fulfill his own destiny of bringing self annihilation upon himself and the beautiful Planet hat he was supposed to have been assigned to care for. It is like the Titanic drifting toward the iceberg for her final countdown while the passengers were unaware and having a good time on board. The captain and her crew could only stand and watch as she slide towards her watery grave and this is how i feel about the state of our world. I can moan and groan and cry out foul, but it will do no good. Instead i will just sing and dance that the children around me will not feel what i feel deep within me. I will pluck the lotus and not get my fingers wet in the process and I will continue on to exist in the best of possible ways that will benefit others for the sake of all till I die.
This life to the Buddha is only fleeting and everything in it is Maya or Illusion, we live and die according to our karma for that what we sow so shall we reap. Perhaps it is my Karma that i was born n this country and has been spared many a bad turns as i grew up like not having to experience war or starvation just as perhaps it is the Karma of the children of Syria and many other countries today suffering the scourge of wars and starvation to have been born in such an environment. who is to say? I am a Muslim and as such I am very disturbed that this is happening and Allah is not doing much about it, but I have to accept in faith the He knows fully well what He is doing. As i watched all the horrors that is being posted on You Tube I keep hearing the victims screaming His name and glorify Him despite their suffering and from this i feel small when in comparison to their faith. Who or What would they call out to after witnessing their children being butchered and homes destroyed if they had no faith at all?
Sadly enough, when one looks back in history one ask, who cried for the Native Americans when their lives were thrown into hell by the Whiteman? Or who cried for the six million Jews who were roasted by Nazi Germany? This is national karma that every nation is paying their dues back in one form or another ...from the Buddha's perspective.

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