Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Finding my call in Life.

Despite the fact that there is minimal if at all aids from government agencies related to NGO agricultural activities in the rural areas, the SRI LOVELY Organic farm has come a long way to become a part of the international research institute for Organic Rice Cultivation. Today, practically most of the agricultural land cultivated on a large scale of rice and various other crops is being done with the use of chemical fertilizers as well as chemical pest control system and this has caused  a whole lot of destruction to the environment not only to the cultivated land but also to its surrounding environment due to run offs and flood born chemical residues. The effect this has on streams as well as rivers is often gone undetected  but fishes and various other forms of life normally found in abundance in many area are now becoming scarce if not extinct. Still the public awareness to these effects are at the very minimum as most of these happens slow and steadily over a long period of time in most cases. 
I have written on this subject a few times already in my previous Blog entry but it is never enough to keep reminding myself as well as others who cares about our environment and the food we eat that Chemicals used for agriculture products are killing us as well as the environment itself. Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer  among other major agricultural chemical companies in the world that have their holds on the agricultural belt of the Malay Peninsular.

The World's Top 10 Pesticide Firms - Who Owns Nature?


Organic Consumers Association
Nov 1, 2008 - Bayer: the world's biggest agrochemical company is also the world's seventh biggest seed company. Syngenta: the world's second largest agrochemical company is also the world's third largest seed company. Monsanto: the world's biggest seed company is the world's fifth largest agrochemical company. 


The "Big 6" pesticide and GMO corporations are BASF, Bayer, Dupont, Dow Chemical Company, Monsanto, and Syngenta. They are so called because they dominate the agricultural input market -- that is, they own the world's seed, pesticide and biotechnology industries. 
Down on the ground in the fields, in the streams and rivers all over the country life is never the same; it is like the environment itself is addicted to drugs just like a drug addict and never is enough until there is a total breakdown of the ecosystem itself leading on to the scarcity as well as demise of indigenous habitats and wildlife. The average farmer has become like his land sensitized by the use of chemicals as a sure fired way toward achieving his goals the easiest and fastest if not cheapest ways. The fact that all around him there seem to be MIA of wild life and especially local fishes is not any problem to him anymore so long as he gets to gain from his timely harvest of his chemically grown crop. This is a case where ignorance is not bliss but has the potential to kill.
A case example :-
“With this action, EPA confirms the toxic nature of this lethal cocktail of chemicals, and has stepped back from the brink,” said Earthjustice Managing Attorney Paul Achitoff. “Glyphosate is a probable carcinogen and is wiping out the monarch butterfly, 2,4-D also causes serious human health effects, and the combination also threatens endangered wildlife. This must not, and will not, be how we grow our food.”
Missouri farmer Margot McMillen added, "I applaud the Environmental Protection Agency for this action. For many of us, the right to farm has been lost because there are so many pesticides in the environment. Many acres of crops have been killed by combinations of poisons. I hope the EPA takes this opportunity to re-examine all existing pesticide registrations."

When i discovered during my travels in 2012 the organic farm at SRI LOVELY I was captivated by what was going on so much so that instead of staying there for two days as i had planned I ended up staying there for two months. I had found my calling and in some small way I vowed o help make  it happen for the guys who were trying to keep the farm alive despite of all the travails and no help from the proper authorities. And ever since i had been going back there to do my bit if and when ever i can afford to do so. It is mt way of saying thank you to Mother Earth.

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