Monday, November 02, 2015

The Cause of Pain.

What is Pain? What is physical, emotional or psychological and spiritual pain? Why do we suffer any single one form or another of these pains throughout our lives? Our parents suffer pain from the day we were born and so did we, we came into the world screaming and crying like our mother did; so why the pain? Nothing is more excruciatingly painful than a tooth ache some say while others felt the lose of their only child an unbearable pain. Being left out of the loop can be quite a painful experience for some while for others being spiritual poverty is a major pain. I am suffering from all of the above at one time or another every moment of my existence or so it seems. 
There is no sense anymore of trying to escape from this condition that i am trapped in as from much looking into and experiences i have had the more I try the less i find myself free from this condition. I realize a a certain point in my life that i need to trust in my own self realizations and work on finding my way out of this circle of Birth - Life and Death - Rebirth in my own being.All that I have learned and acquired through knowledge have led me to this moment in time to realize that if i stay my course as i see it I stand the chance of transcending this trap that is of no trap. There is no trap, none to be trapped and none to free from the trap; it is all part of the conditioning of the trap that I see a trap that is not there. When you are making the choice to swallow the Red or Blue Pill as in the matrix your are taking a leap of faith or selling your soul to the devil.  
It is fear that led you to have to make choices, to choose between what is best for your own survival or what is best for others, choices whether to believe in this God or the other One, choices between who to believe the Jews or the Arabs. Fear is the Key to your feeling trapped or is actually living in one. The fear of ending up in hell as opposed to heaven and the fear of the unknown that surrounds you when evening falls. Fear is the Controller and to understand what is fear listen to the talks by J.Krishnamurti on You Tube or a host of other Great minds on the subject. How does fear affect our mind when it comes to making choices?
"Conquer fear and i promise you , you will conquer death!" ..Alexander the Great at the battle of Gaugamela.
Deep down within our hearts and Soul we each and everyone of us feels that there is something more to than just me as I am. There is a higher order and there is a lower that governs our lives our very being, our choice is to make sure that we do not end up suffering even after this life is completed because we have been making the wrong choices. The we have just jumped out of the frying pan into the fire. Heaven or hell as in the Jewish - Christian and Islamic religions, the final Pari Nirvana or Complete and perfect Enlightenment of the Buddhas or the dispersal of every unit of cells and molecules that had comprised the human body into the Cosmic Consciousness of the Universe; pick your choice. Only through Right Understanding can we come to a realization for our own self and for that to happen one has to ask the simple question, Who Am I. Not finding the answer to this question is the cause of Pain. As I am, I suffer Pain...when the I is no more pain also vanish.

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