Thursday, November 26, 2015

What if Religion is being removed from the equation?

What if the God cum religious equation is removed from the present day Middle Eastern if not global scenario of wanton genocidal butchering of man women and children. The accusations of and the claims of  'The Chosen People' the People of the Right Path', the 'My religion and not yours is the way to go'. is not an issue; what would be the issue? Would we still be seeing bombs being dropped from the skies and wrapped around the waist slaughtering the innocent bystanders calling it war? Would the Jews be going all out to wipe out the Palestine and if possible the rest of the Arab if not the Muslim world? Would the Founding Fathers of North America had practically wiped out the Native Americans in the eradication pagan and non believers in the Christian Faith? Would the Hindus and the Muslims be separated into two countries of India and Pakistan and thus till this day is causing a tension between the two nation while killings are ongoing on the Kashmir borders? Would Iran and Iraq had gone for each other's throats claiming that the Shiah faith is right way as opposed to the Sunni? Would Osama Bin Laden had made an impact upon the world or the Twin Towers incident even happened?
Yes they would, and the reason is simple, man id by nature a predator and he is still the top of the food chain where species are concern. man is the most vicious predator as he hunts and kills for sport if nothing else, he has that propensity to kill for no reason but simply because it is in his nature. Even the wildest beast would resist from killing when its belly is full but not man. Man kills not for his survival but to satisfy his urge to kill another albeit man or beasts. If he is not killing physically, he is doing it in his mind, in his dreams in his nightmares. Man seeks the most creative ways to kill and he sell these products on the market making it a lucrative income as a source of employment for his kind. Man kills out of Greed and fear, out of hatred and anger, out of jealousy and envy and he does this with justification and impunity. 
Man's greatest failure is observing the First of God's commandment and that being thou shalt not kill! From the time when Cain took his brother's Abel's life, man has the inherent nature to kill his fellow man. 
Religion cannot unite the people of this world. To unite the people of this world we need harmony and for harmony to happen, we can't have religion as a uniting factor because in religion, too much of differences exist between one religion to another be it about doctrine, practice or observances and when differences exist, nothing gets united. Not unless we learn how to live with the differences by being tolerant, by being accommodative, by compromising or by opening up our heart and minds with a sincere willingness to allow peace understanding and goodwill to come into our lives. At the extreme end, one can also convert others by duress but is that a correct thing to do? Even if only one religion exist in the end, that religion itself is divided into many many denominations. My conclusion is we can't use religion to unite us. We must choose something else. Like a good public policy. Or maybe sports...
Kris Lee's Face Book post.

Of all the animosities which have existed among mankind, those which are caused by a difference of sentiments in religion appear to be the most inveterate and distressing, and ought most to be deprecated.
~ George Washington...poste by Ivy Chus on Face Book

"You have to pull out the roots of evil rather than simply hack away at the branches. Without looking at the origins of religious servitude, and clearly identifying who these God imposters (that have farmed humanity for eons) really are - and instead focusing on simply identifying and blaming previous and current corrupt governmental models - you are only seeing the puppets dance, oblivious to the marionette pulling the strings. 

The Hebrew Bible story of human origins (known as the tale of Adam and Eve) is a false, misleading, and abbreviated version that was derived from a far more 'well-rounded' rendition that originated in ancient Sumerian cuneiform texts. These recollected Sumerian accounts describe a space-faring species, known as the “Annunaki”, who genetically modified the human race and used them as slaves. "

By Karlos Kukuburra.

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