Wednesday, November 25, 2015

We are dancing in the 'Killing Fields'

Hence as we can see in Judaism or the times Abraham and his children already there was a schism between what was one day would be Islam and what was the Judaic or Israel's root through Isaac. There was not even an agreement on who Abraham chose to sacrifice to God of the two sons he had. Personally and logically Abraham would have had to choose Ismael as he was the first born and at the same time expendable for being the son of a surrogate mother. Isaac's mother Sarah would have never allowed Abraham to take her son no matter what...but, well as the Muslim would say WallahuAllam, only God knows. However based on this matter in the religious history of the two religions today we have ISIS today! We have Muslim terrorists and Zionists today at each others's throats for something or other, albeit faith or culture or more so; territory. Had God purposely planned it this way?
Then came Christianity in the middle of the equation with its own Prophet and doctrines as encapsulated in the Bible and Christianity has its own story with twists that further provokes schism between the two religions of Islam and Judaism. The most pronounce of this being the Crucifixion of Jesus of which the Muslims denies as having taken place while the Christians held it pivotal in their belief to the point of defending it with wars against the Muslims. The Christian claims that Christ is the 'Son of God', does little to help the situation nor the claim of the "Holy Trinity'; that of the Father , the Son and the Holy Spirit. All these claims are anti thesis to the Muslim faith in the One God. This is again my very shallow or brief look at the issues as i am sure allot more deeper matters runs through their differences if one care to make it a research. 
Other than these few major differences in belief and perceptions held by the threes religions, there is a whole lot of similarity between them, enough to make one agree that they worship the same God, Jehovah, Elohim, Allah with these different names for the same entity, the One true God, The God of Abraham, the God of Moses. Jesus and Muhammad. hence all that is going on in the Middle east today, the wanton killing and the disregard for human lives is by right not because of religion per say more so due to Race culture and territory. At the end of the day all believers in the tradition of these three religions will stand before their Maker and answer for their part in this mess whether we are involved directly or not is irrelevant but being a part of the people of the Book makes us responsible. 
The lives lost in Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and other various parts of the world including the United States is our Collective responsibilities and we will stand before our Lord and answer where we went wrong; blaming Satan or the anti Christ is not option. We are creating Hell on Earth as foretold by Satan when he confronted God in Genesis.

"Additionally, if we take Allah’s statement at its face value, it would lead us to believe that by ordering the angels to bow down before Adam, Allah Himself committed a great sin, which is called shirk in Arabic. Allah castigated the pagans for worshiping the idols, and forbade the Muslims from bowing down to any deity or to any human being. If anyone bowed before anyone but Allah, the sinner would be consigned to the fire of hell on the Day of Judgment. Knowing His own commandment, why Allah ordered the angels to bow down before Adam-a human being- is beyond our comprehension. "
Adapted from; "Without Satan Allah's Universal Plan would have failed" by Mohammad Asghar.

Herein again is another twist in the revelations of the origin of man according to the scriptures which today still is a cloudy issue that has led us to the state that we are - ignorance. It is ignorance of the truth that has led to the ever escalating state of madness that mankind is presently headed for...or so it seems. You are given free will to make the choices for yourself, to read,( Iqrar!) and  understand what Is the truth to break through the veils of ignorance and see the light of Divine Nature that is who you are and not get sucked into the decadence of existence as you are made to believe as who you are through the bonds of conditioning.  

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